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Title: They have never been receptive to tips
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Diablo Immortal could be performed casual, PoE cannot. Diablo Immortal is a long grind to locate fascinating loot, feels very 1990ths to me personally. Long grinds isn't it to mepersonally, I had to a lot of that. Worth is starting a match and enjoying a couple of hours and possess great varied content and also a different experience every moment, Diablo Immortal has this, Diablo Immortal doesn't, its the exact same every time till you place a lot of hours in Diablo Immortal Gold, that is the reason why streamers of Diablo Immortal need to put in extra challenges that ignites can control to make the leveling progression interesting.

They could, but I think the larger problem that isn't publicized as much is the reduction of talents from the mid and low grade and individuals who are employed in that sector already understand that Diablo Immortal isn't a fantastic place to work anymore, so that they aren't poaching the best like before. Now they are currently getting the second/third best or worse. Also, the higher ups are being shifted into Activision ones and their house talents have less incentives to remain there just like. If we're sincere, Diablo Immortal has always been fairly shit tier at community issues. This wasn't an issue at the first days when they were churning out amazing games that blazed trails in every genre they entered. They have never been receptive to tips and queries in any sport, not from their customers.

I think you're right, but Diablo Immortal community is also quite toxic. Among those IMO, but every franchise fanbase is toxic I imagine. During WC3 they were slow to fix some exploits and inbalances. Them were never addressed by them . With troll posts, the forums were just spammed by the neighborhood as response. Very immature war from both sides.However, these days were far better than through Diablo Immortal and SC2 if they attracted lead designers from everywhere (jay Wilson and Dustin Browder) to create their flagship games. They bullshit the neighborhood so much and so were much slower and more invisibly through these times (recall the no conversation fiasco at SC2 and the whole Diablo Immortal before major itemization patch). As you can see these franchises lost lot of its fanbase because response and subpar games. If TeamLiquid did not branch out of Starcraft 2, they'd be as dead as Diablo fans.

That's not true. About DiabloFans (back then Diablo3 before Diablo Immortal paid them for the domain name) Diablo Immortal needed a blue user (someone who worked to get them in community outreach) named Bashiok who'd ask the website and shed updates on the growing Diablo Immortal a and collect ideas from the fanbase to use creation of the newest game. In dealing with the community/fanbase, they were consistently great. You made me laugh calling me fresh. You have no clue what a fantastic gaming community resembles. Which does not surprise me coming from a Diablo Immortal apologist. Or wait. . .do you never have a phone??

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