Alabama tightens film restrictions, addresses Michigan sign-stealing scandal ahead of Rose Bowl matchup

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While Alabama shot didn’t travel Michigan’s sign-stealing ungraded intimately arsenic nan investigation played out, nan programme is being other cautious up of its Rose Bowl matchup. Several players said Thursday they’ve only been allowed to entree iPads pinch their position groups successful 1 gathering room arsenic opposed to taking iPads individually to their rooms aliases extracurricular of nan squad edifice and/or shot facility.

“We conscionable person a different location to watch nan film,” Tyler Booker said. “But we’re still watching nan movie arsenic we would for a normal game.”

The specifications were vague, but it is simply a alteration of gait from nan Crimson Tide’s normal mentation according to starting violative tackle JC Latham. Usually, players tin entree movie from their tablets and computers from immoderate location, but not during this vessel mentation cycle. The squad was informed astir nan alteration successful Tuscaloosa arsenic they ramped up their believe schedule.

“If this was during nan (regular) play arsenic soon arsenic I get successful my car I tin watch nan film,” Latham said. “As soon arsenic I get disconnected nan believe section I tin watch it, erstwhile I’m astatine home, I tin watch it but evidently I can’t (watch it nan aforesaid correct now). So erstwhile you get a chance to beryllium down successful nan gathering room and move connected nan portion you’re really paying attraction to each item 10 times much because you cognize you can’t do it later. … It’s conscionable being much intricate, being much cautious.”

The sign-stealing investigation led to various forms of subject astatine Michigan including caput coach Jim Harbaugh serving a three-game suspension and nan termination of linebackers coach Chris Partridge successful November.

Wide receiver Isaiah Bond and moving backmost Jase McClellan said much specifically astir really nan alteration has affected Alabama. McClellan noted that since movie isn’t distributed straight to players arsenic normal, it goes exclusively to nan coaches and past position groups aliases nan teams watch arsenic a whole. It’s a measurement that limits really overmuch is distributed done nan unreality work successful which players tin entree film. While it’s an abnormal precaution, Bond noted nan squad is usually cautious week-by-week successful regards to their signals.

“Being astatine nan University of Alabama, we’re going to person teams that conscionable do immoderate they benignant of do to get a small edge,” Bond said. “So stealing signs, it’s not nan first clip it’s ever happened before. …We don’t support nan aforesaid signs each game, particularly if we spell done coaches who person been done nan programme earlier because they mightiness already cognize nan signals. We’ll alteration it up for that crippled — it’s going to beryllium thing they person ne'er seen before.”

Offensive coordinator Tommy Rees was asked many times astir nan alteration and Michigan’s investigation but rebuffed immoderate questions, keeping nan attraction connected nan crippled itself.

“Yeah, I’m not going to get into nan full film, motion stealing, I’m not talking astir it,” Rees said. “Like I said, our occupation is to springiness ourselves nan champion chance to person occurrence connected nan field. We’re focused connected what we’re trying to do, and that’s really it.”

Despite nan cautious steps, there’s a patient magnitude of respect for Michigan from nan Alabama broadside arsenic players acknowledged Michigan’s occurrence this play and nan situation ahead. Signals aside, Alabama’s players judge what happens connected nan section will find nan outcome, not whether aliases not either broadside knows nan signals.

“We’re still going to watch nan film, still going to get nan hours in,” Bond said. “At nan extremity of nan day, they’re still going to person to spell connected nan section and play us. All nan stealing signs — you could cognize my way but you still person to defender me. That’s my input connected that.”

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