Ange Postecoglou makes Tottenham transfer window warning: ‘Nothing magical will happen’

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Ange Postecoglou has warned that “nothing magical is going to happen” astatine Tottenham Hotspur during nan January transportation window.

Tottenham will beryllium capable to motion caller players from January 1 and look successful sore request of reinforcements pursuing a chastening 4-2 conclusion to Brighton & Hove Albion connected Thursday night. Spurs presently person six first-team players retired injured, different 1 suspended, and will suffer 3 much players to world work successful nan caller year.

While Postecoglou has spoken precocious astir his hopes for nan window, he seemed keen to negociate expectations aft nan Brighton defeat. When asked astir nan model successful nan aftermath of Spurs’ 4-2 conclusion astatine Brighton, Postecoglou insisted it would not beryllium a transformative moment.

“Nothing magical’s going to hap successful nan January window,” nan caput coach said. “What we request to do is conscionable support building.”

January will only beryllium Postecoglou’s 2nd model astatine Tottenham since arriving from Celtic astatine nan extremity of past season. Spurs had a productive summer, signing Guglielmo Vicario, Micky van de Ven and James Maddison, each of whom quickly adjusted to Postecoglou’s style of play this season. The Australian reiterated that Spurs were still early successful their improvement and that nan players merit in installments for learning arsenic quickly arsenic they have.

“We’ve had 1 model pinch this squad to alteration it around, to do things differently,” Postecoglou said. “The truth that we’re successful nan position we are is simply a in installments to nan players. For each nan challenges we’ve had, we conscionable kept playing guardant and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll spot what we tin do successful January but, ultimately, it’s astir building a broadside that will get america to wherever we want to.”

Postecoglou had spoken earlier this week of nan value of getting players successful early successful nan transportation window. “You tin furniture them into training and our style of football,” he explained, “because it’s not for illustration we’re going to motion personification and they’ll deed nan crushed running.”

He will beryllium good alert that Pedro Porro, successful 2023, and Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur successful 2022 — each very bully signings — arrived astatine nan extremity of nan model alternatively than nan start. In position of positions, Tottenham’s privilege is simply a centre-back, which is important pinch first-choice brace Van de Ven and Cristian Romero some injured and group to miss nan adjacent fewer weeks. Ben Davies has started nan past 8 games successful a statement successful Van de Ven’s role, while Emerson Royal struggled to capable nan spread near by Romero connected Thursday night.

Spurs request personification who tin quickly travel successful and play Postecoglou’s style. But Spurs are besides looking astatine different action successful midfield: Maddison and Bentancur are some injured, while Pape Matar Sarr and Yves Bissouma will beryllium playing astatine nan Africa Cup of Nations adjacent month.

There are besides thoughts of adding a guardant if 1 becomes available, pinch Son heading to nan Asian Cup successful Qatar, too.

Dane Scarlett has been recalled from a indebtedness spell astatine Ipswich Town and will not beryllium going backmost retired connected indebtedness successful nan 2nd half of nan season. Tottenham are improbable to beryllium capable to bargain ready-made players successful each 3 positions however, truthful they whitethorn request to beryllium imaginative complete nan adjacent month.

It could besides dangle connected which players will leave, though Eric Dier is improbable to depart six months earlier he becomes a free agent.

Postecoglou did astatine slightest awesome that Hugo Lloris whitethorn beryllium connected his way, aft being asked astir his imminent reported move to LAFC.

“I’m not crossed that,” Postecoglou said. “Obviously there’s worldly happening, but I’ve been focused connected nan game. But I’m judge we’ll perceive thing adjacent mates of days.”



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