Arsenal CEO Vinai Venkatesham made OBE in New Year Honours list

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Arsenal CEO Vinai Venkatesham has been named successful nan New Year Honours list.

Venkatesham, who has been astatine Arsenal since 2010 and will time off successful nan summer, has been recognised pinch an OBE for his services to sport.

In his 13 years astatine Arsenal, he has undertaken nan roles of Head of Global Partnerships, Director of Global Partnerships and Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing Director, Chief Commercial Director and was astir precocious Managing Director (2018-2020) and has been CEO for nan past 3 years.

Outside of Arsenal, he formed portion of nan commercialized squad of nan London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, has served nan British Olympic Association since 2017 arsenic an independent non-executive director, and performed nan aforesaid domiciled for nan 2017 World Athletics Championships held successful London.

“It was surely a astonishment erstwhile I opened nan letter,” Venkatesham told Sky Sports News. “Nothing I was expecting, thing I was anticipating, truthful a really, really awesome astonishment and I’m very proud and very privileged.

“Everything I person been portion of, whether it was nan London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, nan World Athletics Championships present successful London successful 2017, being capable to beryllium portion of Arsenal, has been astir being portion of a awesome team.

“So I must admit I sometimes consciousness a small embarrassed to beryllium talking astir myself erstwhile everyone is portion of nan team, but it’s evidently a really typical infinitesimal for maine and a really typical infinitesimal for my family, who person been unbelievably supportive for nan almost 20 years I person been successful sport, done nan highs, nan lows, nan agelong hours, everyone has been location for me.

“The connection to nan Arsenal fans is that we are fortunate capable to beryllium portion of this awesome shot nine that is Arsenal. There are a number of group on nan measurement astatine Arsenal, some connected nan men’s broadside and women’s side, who person been fortunate capable to person honours for their activity astatine this shot club.

“This shot nine is ever astir looking forward. We person talked astir immoderate of nan things that person happened successful nan past but we person an breathtaking play still to spell and I can’t hold to get started connected nan 2nd half of nan season.”



Vinai Venkatesham to time off Arsenal adjacent summer

(Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

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