B.C. issues warning after 2 children die of flu-related illness

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The B.C. Centre for Disease Control has issued a nationalist informing astir an uptick successful respiratory illnesses, pursuing nan deaths of 2 children.

The agency said Friday that levels of influenza and RSV were astatine their highest truthful acold this year, and person reached peaks seen earlier nan COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2 deaths progressive younker nether nan property of 19, and early findings propose they were a consequence of secondary bacterial infections associated pinch nan flu.

 Flu and RSV cases connected nan rise'

4:27 Health Matters: Flu and RSV cases connected nan rise

“We’re conscionable seeing much activity, much kids that are getting sick,” said Dr. Amir Bharmel, aesculapian head of nan BCCDC.

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“With influenza sometimes, and fortunately rarely, people, peculiarly children, tin die.”

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The BCCDC says nan deaths were some recorded wrong nan past 2 weeks, and are nan only influenza-related deaths reported truthful acold this year.

Bharmel said parents should beryllium cautious, and support a adjacent oculus connected symptoms if their children do autumn ill.

“If a kid has immoderate preexisting illnesses aliases chronic conditions, to conscionable beryllium connected nan lookout for fever, peculiarly a fever that’s persisting — aliases if a kid gets sick very quickly, very fast,” he said.

“Other things to watch retired for are drowsiness, aliases accrued activity of breathing, and if a kid isn’t capable to support fluids down, that would beryllium different logic to activity retired immoderate emergency care.”

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 'Over 1 cardinal influenza vaccines administered already, Dr. Bonnie Henry says'

4:09 Over 1 cardinal influenza vaccines administered already, Dr. Bonnie Henry says

The BCCDC is besides urging group to measurement up precautions to forestall them from getting sick successful nan first place.

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The agency highly recommends getting nan flu vaccine, which it says is well-matched to nan strains of microorganism that are circulating this year.

It is besides reminding group to enactment location if they are emotion ill, to see wearing a disguise successful indoor nationalist settings and to believe bully hygiene, including regularly washing hands.

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