Bills’ Von Miller calls assault charge ‘100 percent false’ and ‘overblown’

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 Von Miller #40 of nan Buffalo Bills looks connected from nan sideline earlier an NFL shot crippled against nan Los Angeles Chargers astatine SoFi Stadium connected December 23, 2023 successful Inglewood, California. (Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills separator rusher Von Miller called nan charge of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend successful precocious November “100 percent false” and “overblown.” Miller said to nan media for nan first clip Thursday since being arrested connected nan charge.

Police responded to a “major disturbance” telephone astatine 11 a.m. CT connected Nov. 29. A preliminary investigation wished Miller and nan unfortunate “got into a verbal statement and nan fishy assaulted nan victim.” Miller near nan segment earlier officers arrived, constabulary said. The unfortunate was not transported to a infirmary but was treated for insignificant injuries.

“Obviously location are things that I can’t talk about, but everything that was retired is wholly incorrect and blown retired of proportionality connected maine and my girlfriend,” Miller said. “We person problems conscionable for illustration immoderate different mates does, but it’s ne'er been immoderate of nan things that was alleged against me. So hopefully complete time, you know, each of this worldly will get cleared up. … The group who cognize maine and nan group who’ve been astir maine cognize my character. They cognize who I am.”

Miller turned himself in, posted enslaved and was released later connected Nov. 30, according to Express Bail Bonds successful Dallas. A complaint of assaulting a pregnant personification is simply a third-degree felony.

Miller added Thursday: “First and foremost, location are men and women that woody pinch superior home situations. You cannot downplay that. That really happens, you know, successful this world that we unrecorded in. That’s not a fairy tale. That worldly is true. That worldly is real. Never successful immoderate of my relationships that I’ve been in, ne'er successful my existent narration pinch my woman did immoderate of those things happen. So whenever you spot that worldly popular up on, you know, articles and stuff, it’s shocking, of course, particularly erstwhile my sanction is attached to it.

“But it is 100 percent false. It’s overblown. You know, I’ve sewage nan correct group connected nan occupation and you conscionable you conscionable support pushing. I cognize who I am. I cognize my character. I cognize nan type of personification that I am. I cognize maine and my my girlfriend’s relationship. So you conscionable sewage to support pushing, man. Life conscionable lifes. You sewage to grin and person nosy done it all. Especially when, you know, each nan worldly is untrue.”

When asked what was incorrect astir nan charge, Miller said, “All of it is incorrect.”

“It’s not a funny situation, but each of it is incorrect and each of it is untrue,” Miller said. “Only point that is existent is we do person a 3rd boy connected nan measurement … but everything other is untrue and you conscionable sewage to support pushing.”

Miller was antecedently investigated successful 2021 by nan Parker, Colo., Police Department, but nan 18th Judicial District didn’t proceed pinch charges.

When asked astir having aggregate allegations against him successful nan past mates of years, Miller said, “I really don’t cognize what to opportunity to that, man. Like I said, life beryllium lifin’ sometimes. Obviously, I wouldn’t want immoderate of that worldly to beryllium attached to my name. But nan things earlier weren’t existent and mendacious and this is untrue and mendacious arsenic well.”

The battle lawsuit is not listed successful Dallas County’s online tribunal records system, and nan Dallas County District Attorney’s Office did not instantly respond to requests regarding nan position of nan case.

Miller was available to play successful nan Bills’ pursuing crippled successful Week 14 against nan Kansas City Chiefs aft nan incident. The 34-year-old separator rusher has played successful each 3 of nan Bills’ games since nan incident.

The Bills signed nan two-time Super Bowl champion to a six-year, $120 cardinal woody successful 2022. Miller tore his ACL successful November of that play earlier starting 2023 connected nan reserve/physically incapable to execute list. He made his 2023 debut against nan Jaguars successful October.

(Photo: Ryan Kang / Getty Images)

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