Calls for even stiffer fines, infrastructure upgrades after latest B.C. overpass strike

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The B.C. authorities is facing calls for moreover stiffer penalties, infrastructure upgrades and much driver training, successful nan aftermath of yet different collision betwixt a commercialized conveyance and an overpass.

The latest clang happened astir noon Thursday, erstwhile a driver pinch Chohan Freight Forwarders struck nan 112 Street overpass connected Highway 99, blocking southbound postulation for nan remainder of nan day.

It was nan sixth overpass strike successful nan past 2 years for nan company, prompting nan state to crushed its fleet by suspending its information certificate while it investigates. The institution said nan driver had been fired and its different drivers recalled for mandatory information training.

 'More information training for truckers, upgrades connected B.C. road infrastructure needed'

2:18 More information training for truckers, upgrades connected B.C. road infrastructure needed

The state announced a suite of measures intended to ace down connected overpass strikes earlier this month. Those see technological requirements, including velocity limiters and warnings and escalating penalties for companies pinch repetition infractions, for illustration nan certificate suspension. They besides see raising nan maximum good for over-height conveyance violations from $115 to $575.

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But nan state is facing unit to spell further.

“The authorities has been location for 7 years, it’s not for illustration this is nan first clip it’s happened. It has been aggregate events complete nan past number of years, wherever intelligibly nan problem is getting worse,” BC United Official Opposition Leader Kevin Falcon said.

 'Trucking institution suspended aft sixth overpass crash'

1:53 Trucking institution suspended aft sixth overpass crash

“Make judge nan fines are truthful achy that nan costs of doing business and operating successful that mode is truthful unpalatable that they will obey nan laws, conscionable because they cannot spend nan benignant of fines we would issue.”

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Delta City Coun. Dylan Kruger besides called for nan state to massively escalate financial penalties, saying a $575 good amounts to a “drop successful nan bucket” and nan “cost of doing business.”

“We request to guarantee if we really want to extremity this from happening again that nan penalties are truthful punitive that nary institution would ever consequence putting an unqualified driver connected nan road,” he said.

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 'B.C. announces tougher penalties to ace down connected overpass strikes'

2:07 B.C. announces tougher penalties to ace down connected overpass strikes

Kruger besides based on that Delta’s aging overpasses were built to a tallness modular that is now retired of date.

Several overpasses connected Highway 99 had astatine 1 constituent been scheduled for replacement arsenic a portion of nan scheme to switch nan George Massey Tunnel pinch a span — replacements that were scrapped erstwhile nan NDP decided to move up pinch a caller passageway alternatively of a bridge.

“This is an important clip for nan state and nan national authorities to look astatine our provincial road infrastructure successful Metro Vancouver rand make adjustments,” Kruger said.

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“Highway 99 is simply a nationalist waste and acquisition corridor. This is simply a road that connects Canada to nan Blaine-U.S. separator crossing, to a B.C. ferries terminal, to Delta Port, nan largest instrumentality terminal successful North America.”

Delta Mayor George Harvie besides expressed support for nan idea, saying he planned to constitute to nan state calling for upgrades to “aging overpasses on our captious waste and acquisition routes to modern heights and standards.”

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However, nan Province must create a scheme to upgrade these aging overpasses on our captious waste and acquisition routes to modern heights and standards. I will beryllium penning to @Rob_Fleming requesting plans for these upgrades.

— Mayor George Harvie (@MayorHarvie) December 29, 2023

 'What needs to beryllium done to forestall different overpass collisions'

6:33 What needs to beryllium done to forestall different overpass collisions

The United Truckers Association, meanwhile, said it backs nan province’s enhanced penalties, but that nan package of reforms is lacking successful 1 cardinal area.

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“The missing portion is each astir nan training,” he told Global News.

Singh said his group is penning to nan provincial authorities asking for amended support and training for drivers who person to grip oversized loads.

He said nan state besides needs to grow its efforts to screen shippers who load nan trucks, not conscionable drivers and companies that carrier them.

Back successful Delta, Kruger wants to spot immoderate benignant of compensation offered to businesses and residents who look nan impacts of nan crashes.

“Last clip this happened connected Highway 17 A we had residents who were stranded, incapable to get to Delta Hospital, incapable to get their groceries, different basal services,” he said.

“We had businesses who said it’s cheaper to adjacent down, adjacent my doors, because of nan nonaccomplishment of revenue.”

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