Carlo Ancelotti agrees new Real Madrid contract until 2026

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 Carlo Ancelotti, Head Coach of Real Madrid, looks connected anterior to nan LaLiga EA Sports lucifer betwixt Cadiz CF and Real Madrid CF astatine Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla connected November 26, 2023 successful Cadiz, Spain. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

Carlo Ancelotti has agreed a caller statement astatine Real Madrid, committing him to nan nine until 2026.

The Italian’s existent woody had been owed to expire adjacent summertime and uncertainty complete his early lingered passim 2023 amid persistent links to nan Brazil job.

But Real Madrid confirmed connected Friday — conscionable days earlier Ancelotti and nan Brazilian shot federation (CBF) could person formally opened negotiations — that nan 64-year-old would widen his enactment until June 30, 2026.

Former CBF president Ednaldo Rodrigues had many times spoken of his admiration for Ancelotti, who himself expressed “pride” astatine nan anticipation of managing “one of nan biggest nationalist teams successful nan world”.

The Athletic reported successful November that sources acquainted pinch nan lawsuit — remaining anonymous to protect relationships — had said that nan CBF had moreover received written denotation that Ancelotti would beryllium prepared to subordinate them adjacent year. Both sides admitted that this denotation existed, but added that it had not been an rumor acknowledgment to nan knowing of Rodrigues and the uncertain validity of nan papers.

But sources adjacent to Ancelotti had acknowledged since nan extremity of 2022 that his privilege was to enactment pinch nan La Liga heavyweights.

Despite not distancing himself from links, nan coach besides said publically that he would hold for Real to connection him an hold “until nan past day”.

Ancelotti had been sounded retired connected nan imaginable of a caller woody being offered if things continued positively, but he was arsenic alert that if results dipped, nan outlook could quickly change.

Real Madrid mostly do not for illustration to make immoderate benignant of definite move astatine this shape of a season, but in this peculiar scenario, they knew nan spot of Brazil’s entreaty to Ancelotti.

Ancelotti has been astatine Real since 2021, having antecedently managed nan nine from 2013 to 2015.

In 5 seasons crossed 2 spells, he has won 10 titles including 2 Champions League trophies and 1 La Liga title, arsenic good arsenic 2 Copa del Reys.

Timing of announcement a astonishment – but not outcome

A Real Madrid renewal had ever been Ancelotti’s first-choice script and though he had been intent connected taking nan Brazil reins if he near Madrid, it became progressively clear successful caller months that nan nine besides wanted him to stay.

With Florentino Perez’s approval, nan saga was yet over.

The Madrid committee person weighted nan measurement nan Italian has worked pinch young players successful summation to nan occurrence he has delivered. They besides saw continuity arsenic captious for stability, and weighted Ancelotti’s expertise to accommodate to immoderate economical challenges astatine nan club.

The caput coach besides had nan unconditional support of main executive serviceman Jose Angel.

Friday’s announcement took Ancelotti himself by surprise, moreover though location had been erstwhile informal conversations betwixt nan parties.

But nan guidance of recreation was progressively clear and Ancelotti’s Real Madrid — apical of La Liga, albeit connected extremity quality — tin now attraction connected delivering yet much success.

Brazil chiefs, understood to person been accepting of nan result erstwhile it was discussed respective weeks ago, must now find a imperishable successor to Tite, arsenic good arsenic Rodrigues’ successor.



Real Madrid's Carlo Ancelotti — nan Galactico whisperer and king of cups

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