Family of ‘incredible’ boy killed in Didsbury rollover mourn the death of 2 teens

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People surviving successful Didsbury, Alta., and surrounding areas are supporting nan families of 2 teens who died successful a rollover clang this week.

Friends and family person identified nan victims arsenic 16-year-old Reid Fisher and 14-year-old Lila Morrison.

RCMP were called to a single-vehicle clang adjacent Township Road 292 and Range Road 14 astir 5 p.m., wherever they recovered nan teens dead.

“My nephew Reid was an unthinkable young man,” said Reid’s aunt Randilee Fisher connected Friday.

“He was very well-rounded. He has truthful galore interests and he was progressive successful nan organization successful truthful galore ways,”

She said he played lucky and precocious played hoops connected nan precocious schoolhouse team.

When he was younger, he was pinch 4-H club, did snowshoeing and outdoor endurance pinch his family.

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“He had a occupation present successful municipality and he worked difficult for everything that he had successful his young life,” Randilee said.

She said Reid enjoyed outdoors activities and changeable his first subordinate this twelvemonth erstwhile he was pinch his mom, Randilee’s sister.

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“He was very polite. In a batch of ways, we taught him to beryllium an old-fashioned gentleman,” she said.

Reid was pinch his woman Lila Morrison erstwhile nan motortruck they were successful rolled complete adjacent Crossfield connected Wednesday.

Fundraisers person been group up for some families.

“Sadly Lila our saccharine angel, nan woman who would ray up immoderate room she entered, nan woman who loved cats and had an unwavering passion for volleyball, passed distant tragically astatine nan young property of 14 connected Dec. 27, 2023.”

A Morrison family friend says they are thankful to person specified a caring organization crossed nan state sharing and offering support to nan families.

Reid’s aunt says Reid and Lila had a typical measurement of parting.

“When they said goodbye to each other, 1 would say: ‘I emotion you,’ nan different 1 would say: ‘I emotion you more,'” Randilee said.

Zion Church is Didsbury is hosting an unfastened location connected Sunday to support nan community.

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The municipality of  Didsbury posted a connection connected Friday telling residents support is available.

If you aliases personification you cognize is struggling and needs personification to talk to, thief is available.

– Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 aliases matter CONNECT to 686868

– Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642

– Rapid Access Counselling (FREE and you are capable to do aggregate sessions – azygous convention counselling intends you talk astir 1 taxable each session): 1.877.244.2360 aliases

“He was very loved by truthful many, his friends and his family. He’s going to beryllium missed truthful much,” Randilee said.

She fondly remembered a travel she took pinch her nephew to Florida.

“I had nan blessing and opportunity to return him connected a travel erstwhile he was 12 years aged to Florida. He loved subject and we sewage to spell to nan Kennedy Space Centre and we sewage to spot alligators successful nan Everglades.

“He had specified a nosy personality. We will miss him truthful much,” Randilee said.

According to RCMP, nan 2 teens were travelling backmost from Balzac aft visiting Cross Iron Mills mall.

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Collision analysts are moving to fig retired what happened. No origin has been determined.

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