Food delivery worker stabbed while intervening in B.C. robbery says he’d do it again

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One of 2 bystanders stabbed aft intervening successful a robbery effort successful Vancouver’s Olympic Village connected Boxing Day arrived successful Canada little than 4 months agone — but said he didn’t hesitate to put his life connected nan statement to extremity nan fishy from getting away.

“It was conscionable power of nan moment,” Meraj Ahmed told Global News successful an question and reply Friday. “That I request to do thing location truthful that he cannot flight from location and he needs to beryllium arrested.”

The world student, 27, moved to Vancouver from Bangladesh successful September to be University Canada West for his Master of Business Administration (MBA).

 'Bystanders stabbed aft intervening successful Boxing Day robbery'

2:14 Bystanders stabbed aft intervening successful Boxing Day robbery

Ahmed useful respective nights a week for DoorDash and had conscionable vanished a transportation astir 7:40 p.m. connected Dec. 26 erstwhile he said he heard personification shouting for thief and saw different person, a suspect, moving to a taxi.

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Ahmed said he and different DoorDash transportation worker closed nan doorway of nan cab to forestall nan fishy from getting in, earlier nan man pulled a knife.

“The different [DoorDash delivery] personification was trying to drawback him, past he stabbed successful his backmost this personification and tried to tally away,” he said.

Ahmed said he instantly gave chase, which led to an altercation pinch nan suspect.

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“When I tried to drawback him, he pushed maine pinch his weapon truthful I tried to take sides myself utilizing my near hand, and it trim my hand, my tendon was cut.”

 'Man charged successful Boxing Day stabbing appears successful court'

1:46 Man charged successful Boxing Day stabbing appears successful court

Although he was bleeding from a stab wound, Ahmed said he couldn’t consciousness symptom yet and continued chasing nan fishy earlier different bystander jumped successful and pushed nan fishy to nan broadside of nan roadworthy connected Walter Hardwick Avenue adjacent Salt Street.

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“I conscionable jumped complete him connected his backmost and conscionable pushed him down truthful that he cannot move,” recalled Ahmed.

The brace held nan fishy down until constabulary arrived.

Sheldon Ilbegi-Asli, 21, was arrested and charged pinch robbery and 2 counts of battle pinch a weapon.

Ilbegi-Asli is accused of capsicum spraying a Facebook Marketplace seller and trying to bargain an costly machine graphics paper earlier Ahmed, nan different driver and nan 3rd bystander intervened.

“We should not do this benignant of woody alone,” said Ahmed of online bargain and waste exchanges successful nationalist places.

Ahmed warns online buyers and sellers not conscionable to meet successful nationalist places pinch surveillance cameras, but to bring friends aliases family members arsenic backup.

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 'New accusation astir fishy successful Vancouver Olympic Village stabbing'

1:42 New accusation astir fishy successful Vancouver Olympic Village stabbing

“Believe your instinct, if it feels bad, if thing is wrong, don’t do that [deal],” he said.

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Ahmed had room connected his near manus Thursday and will beryllium disconnected activity for astatine slightest 4 weeks arsenic he receives physiotherapy to regain afloat usage of his tendon.

Ilbegi-Asli remains successful custody pinch a bail proceeding group to resume connected Tues. Jan. 2 successful B.C. Provincial Court. Crown counsel is seeking his  continued detention.

The suspect’s family told Global News connected Thursday that Ilbegi-Asli had been struggling pinch constituent usage and deteriorating intelligence wellness earlier his begetter passed distant successful November.

Ahmed would for illustration to spot nan fishy get nan thief he needs, but believes he should enactment successful custody if he’s a threat to nan public.

“He is not safe for nan group outside,” Ahmed told Global News.

Earlier this week, Vancouver constabulary commended nan actions of some drivers who intervened and nan bystander.

“Without nan speedy reasoning without nan decisiveness of nan nutrient transportation workers and nan 3rd bystander, this fishy would almost surely person sewage away,” Sgt. Steve Addison told Global News connected Dec. 27.

Ahmed said he besides received a telephone from Vancouver’s politician connected Thursday, and said Ken Sim was very appreciative and supportive of his actions to detain nan suspect.

Still, Ahmed said this incident has made him homesick for his family overseas.

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He has dreams of opening his ain edifice erstwhile he finishes his MBA, and besides wants to bring his wife, mother and three-year-old girl to Canada.

Meantime, Ahmed said he wouldn’t hesitate to measurement successful again, if needed.

“I don’t see myself arsenic a hero,” said Ahmed. “I deliberation it’s my work to forestall this benignant of crime.”

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