How the Nuggets beat the Warriors, 120-114, on Christmas Day

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DENVER — Jonathan Kuminga pulled his achromatic sweater pinch bleached accents down his torso until it rested atop his achromatic pants. Then, connected apical of it, he gradually put connected nan achromatic and pick houndstooth trench coat.

"I'ma support it existent pinch you," nan Golden State Warriors guardant said, adjusting nan sleeves connected his overgarment until it draped perfectly. His demeanor and reside matched his attire. Smooth. Certain.

"Me pinch nan ball," he continued, "nobody's guarding me."

Ambitious? Sure. But this Christmas day successful Denver, it felt true. The Nuggets couldn't defender him, particularly pinch nan measurement they were defending Stephen Curry.

Through 3 quarters, Kuminga had 13 points connected 4-for-8 shooting. He was 5-for-8 from nan free-throw statement and had nan Nuggets scrambling.

"But sometimes," Kuminga said, "I've gotta return that distant to make judge my OGs get nan ball. That’s wherever it's confusing. Sometimes, I travel retired nan crippled not knowing what I did. And that messes pinch my head. It's like, 'What they want maine to do?' I tin walk and I tin do different s—."

The Warriors’ triumph streak would beryllium six games if not for Curry’s Christmas curse. Or if Klay Thompson didn't spell 1-for-6 shooting for 3 points successful nan 2nd half. Or if Nikola Jokić didn't get 14 second-half free throws.

Or if, arsenic crazy arsenic it sounds, they weren't truthful deep.

"Strength successful Numbers" has been nan Warriors’ thing. Their 2nd portion saved nan starters again, keeping them successful nan crippled erstwhile their starting group struggled. But nan Warriors went down, 120-114, connected Monday successful portion because they're excessively deep.

So deep, Kuminga feels connected nan verge of a breakout but keeps bumping his caput connected nan solid ceiling. He was connected nan short extremity of nan Warriors’ extent connected Monday, playing conscionable 3:35 successful nan 4th quarter.

This is an rumor for nan Warriors because nan champion type of who they are is straight connected to nan champion type of Kuminga.

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