Iowa OC Brian Ferentz resents deferred attention since dismissal, closing chapter in Citrus Bowl

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ORLANDO, Fla. — For astir 2 months, much-maligned Iowa violative coordinator Brian Ferentz stood silent pursuing his high-profile ejection — 1 orchestrated by University of Iowa President Barbara Wilson and carried retired by interim athletics head Beth Goetz, but didn’t impact nan dean of assemblage shot coaches, who happens to stock nan aforesaid past name. That changed Friday morning.

Speaking for nan first clip since his dismissal connected Oct. 30, nan 40-year-old adjunct coach took nan precocious crushed erstwhile discussing his situation, nan assemblage and his future. He referred procedural questions to Goetz. There are factors beyond his power that contributed to Iowa’s violative woes and respective of which he is straight responsible for. If location was frustration, he didn’t fto it retired — until he shifted nan speech toward nan players.

“Probably what I resent nan astir about this business is that nan attraction has travel disconnected of our shot players who person really accomplished immoderate tremendous things this year,” Ferentz said. “It’s gone connected to things that conscionable rather simply don’t matter. They’re trivial and silly, successful my opinion, and for immoderate reason, nan attraction has gone there, alternatively of connected a bunch of players who person worked really hard, flooded a batch of adversity and dealt pinch a batch of delirium to triumph 10 shot games and put themselves successful position to triumph nan 11th.

“Quite frankly, I deliberation that’s wherever nan attraction should be. That’s wherever I’d for illustration it to be. I can’t power what you guys do aliases what different group say, but I deliberation we’re really missing thing that’s beautiful typical that’s going on.”



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As Brian Ferentz’s Iowa employment concludes Monday, it closes a coaching roller coaster filled pinch utmost highs and lows. He near nan New England Patriots successful early 2012 to lead Iowa’s violative line. He coached an Outland Trophy victor successful 2014 (Brandon Scherff) and nan Joe Moore Award-winning violative statement successful 2016. After he added tally crippled coordinator responsibilities successful 2015, nan Hawkeyes rushed for 35 touchdowns that season. A twelvemonth later, 2 Iowa moving backs ran for 1,000 yards successful nan aforesaid play for nan only clip successful schoolhouse history.

Elevated to violative coordinator successful 2017, Ferentz devised plans that put up 55 points connected No. 3 Ohio State and torched USC for 49 successful nan 2019 Holiday Bowl. His first quarterback, Nate Stanley, threw 68 touchdowns from 2017-19, and successful 2020, nan Hawkeyes averaged 31.8 points per game.

If location was nary antagonistic antagonistic to those accomplishments, Brian Ferentz would beryllium starring his ain program. Instead, he sat successful connected his last news convention wearing a Tigerhawk arsenic an Iowa assistant. A week aft that 2017 torching of Ohio State, nan Hawkeyes managed 66 yards astatine Wisconsin. In nan past 3 years, Iowa has classed 121st, 130th and 133rd successful nan FBS successful full offense, respectively. The 2022 output (251.6 yards per game) was nan worst successful nan Big Ten since astatine slightest 1999. This year, it bottomed retired (239.3), ranking past nationally. Iowa has thrown 28 touchdown passes complete nan past 3 years, 40 little than Stanley did successful his 3 seasons.

Brian Ferentz has coached connected his begetter Kirk Ferentz’s unit astatine Iowa since 2012. (Jeffrey Becker / USA Today)

There are reasons for those issues ranging from substandard backmost play to immense recruiting misses on nan violative statement to nan deficiency of playmakers astatine wide receiver. Outside of season-ending injuries, nan responsibility lies arsenic overmuch pinch nan coaches arsenic nan players. The unit collectively chose players that either weren’t bully capable aliases weren’t developed properly. With Brian Ferentz’s early extracurricular of Iowa football, it nary longer matters to connect that blasted to him anyway.

Running parallel to Brian Ferentz’s successes and failures is nan nepotism element. The word was utilized truthful often by detractors that I expect it to suffice arsenic a word-of-the-year finalist by Merriam-Webster. It was unfairly applied erstwhile it was suggested he wasn’t qualified for nan position. It possibly was applied correctly successful keeping his occupation pinch 1 of assemblage football’s worst offenses, nary matter nan circumstances.

This twelvemonth successful peculiar was unsmooth for Brian Ferentz. He almost was group up for failure. Former athletics head Gary Barta, who supervised nan violative coordinator because of organization nepotism rules, trim Ferentz’s net by $50,000, halted his two-year statement rollover and issued an amendment calling for a 25-point-per-game mean and astatine slightest 7 wins. The clause turned Iowa — and Brian Ferentz — into a nationalist punchline. His estimation ne'er recovered and injuries robbed nan discourtesy of immoderate strides.



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Quarterback Cade McNamara tore his correct quad midway done training camp, past blew retired his near ACL early successful crippled five. Tight extremity Luke Lachey suffered a horrific surgery limb early successful crippled three. Tight extremity Erick All tore his ACL successful week seven. Injuries forced nan violative statement to shuffle perpetually and moving backs missed games pinch ankle (Kaleb Johnson) and soft-tissue (Jaziun Patterson) injuries.

To his credit, Brian Ferentz avoided immoderate self-pity astir his predicament.

“That is portion of football,” he said Friday. “If you do not expect adversity to happen, I conscionable deliberation you are a fool. We knew location were going to beryllium challenges. You do not cognize precisely what they are going to be. You do not cognize really galore location will be. Sometimes you do not woody pinch arsenic many. If you do not woody pinch any, past terrific, great. It is soft sailing.”

The truth Ferentz moreover said connected Friday was a surprise. In a antecedently scheduled Citrus Bowl question and reply convention involving coordinators from some Iowa and Tennessee, nan Hawkeyes’ brass announced tight ends coach Abdul Hodge would beryllium successful for nan offense. Yet erstwhile nan ballroom doorway opened, Brian Ferentz walked to nan dais, sat for 20 minutes and answered each mobility professionally. Some of them moreover included football-related questions, which is wherever he champion showcases his shot acumen.

He could person made it uncomfortable. No 1 would responsibility him if he exited from nan programme Monday day pinch nary a nationalist whisper, particularly arsenic speculation swirls astir his upcoming replacement. Back successful October, he could person driven distant from Kinnick pinch his tallest fingers extended. He could person near nan programme anytime since nan Big Ten Championship Game to hole for his adjacent opportunity. And, yes, he will person NFL suitors asking him to coach nan violative statement aliases tight ends.

But he stayed. He competed and continued to gain respect from his players. They dumped a h2o jug connected him pursuing nan division-clinching triumph against Illinois past month. There were tears and embraces, galore of which were by nan players.

“You get a feline for illustration Coach Brian that comes successful and does that, conscionable nan type of man he is, it intends a batch to me,” halfway Logan Jones said. “It intends a batch to my mom, too. He does it pinch each subordinate connected nan violative and protect broadside of nan ball.”



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Ultimately, it’s nan correct move for Brian Ferentz — and Iowa shot — that alteration is coming. It needs a caller sound and a different scheme. He needs to get retired of nan Iowa City fishbowl and attraction connected nan areas wherever he will succeed. Few are amended astatine school players really to artifact aliases execute fundamentally up front. Eventually, that’s what nan shot world will retrieve astir Brian Ferentz, not that he grounded arsenic Iowa’s violative coordinator.

For now, he has a chance to decorativeness beardown and thief Iowa triumph its 11th game. No matter really it appeared, Iowa still won 70 percent of its games pinch Brian Ferentz arsenic violative coordinator. Perhaps it wasn’t nan play he wanted and for galore fans, he was pushed retired acold excessively late. But he ran nan title nan champion measurement possible. Only nan ending is near to write.

“I made a committedness to this shot squad and this shot program, and for illustration I said successful my connection I intended to grant that committedness and consciousness for illustration I’ve done that,” Ferentz said. “This spot is important to me. The University of Iowa is important to me. The shot programme is important to me. And truthful it was important that I vanished nan correct measurement and did my job.”

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