Ja’Marr Chase’s best quotes of 2023 and what they say about his impact on Bengals

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CINCINNATI — Ja’Marr Chase made headlines connected Thursday pinch comments astir nan Kansas City Chiefs defense.

He said they didn’t person immoderate superstars. Pointed retired they person L’Jarius Sneed but cipher other who tin screen one-on-one and “nothing” stands retired astir their secondary.

“It’s not really for illustration they’ve sewage a Jalen Ramsey connected their squad,” he said. “They tin return it really they want. I don’t care.”

Would only beryllium fitting a twelvemonth that started pinch calling nan Cleveland Browns elves would wrap up pinch Chase taking purpose astatine nan Chiefs.

“They talk nan astir s—,” he said. “I emotion it.”

He really does.

Talking trash and firing disconnected immoderate unfiltered thoughts travel to his encephalon are arsenic overmuch portion of Chase’s beingness and effect connected this squad arsenic breaking tackles.

“Ja’Marr is simply a assured guy,” said Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor, who has ever emphasized letting players consciousness free to beryllium themselves arsenic agelong arsenic it doesn’t wounded nan team. “There’s surely a equilibrium there. I ever want to beryllium respectful of our opponent.”

Taylor’s been known to activity retired immoderate disrespect he tin find to motivate his team. So, there’s ever an constituent of impact. Just inquire Chiefs players repeating nan connection “Burrowhead” aft nan AFC Championship Game past season.

Does immoderate of this really matter connected nan field?

“Anybody’s conjecture is arsenic bully arsenic mine,” he said.

Nobody tin opportunity for judge his words impact wins and losses, but they judge are entertaining. And each week seemingly provides a caller gem.

In grant of Sunday’s crippled connected New Year’s Eve, this felt for illustration arsenic bully a clip arsenic immoderate to countdown my favourite comments made by Chase this year.

Some made nan database because they went viral, a fewer for what they told america astir nan dynamics of nan squad and, others, well, they conscionable made maine laugh.

10. “7/11, if y’all spot this, Slurpee machine, please.”

When: Dec. 14

Why: This serves arsenic an hold of Chase’s original quote (that will show up later successful this countdown) astir ever being unfastened aft a frustrating nonaccomplishment successful Tennessee. When he posted 15 receptions connected 19 targets for 192 yards and 3 touchdowns a week later successful Arizona, he instantly dropped this tweet successful nan locker room.

7/11 pic.twitter.com/6vdwKQkVfs

— Ja’MarrChase (@Real10jayy__) October 8, 2023

The tweet was perfect. An ode to erstwhile Bengals receiver Chad Johnson, originator of nan 7/11 moniker, but besides a cleanable sequel to ever being open. It started a business pinch 7/11 that included multiple shirts and an full statement of gear.

The champion portion has been his season-long quest to get a Slurpee instrumentality for nan locker room. He looked correct into nan camera for this one. As of today, there’s still nary Slurpee machine. The quest continues.

9a. “Some days I aftermath up pissed off. Today is 1 of them.”

9b. “I said I was going to do immoderate asshole s— — excuse my profanity. I conscionable felt for illustration being an evil personification today.”

When: Thursday and Dec. 4

Why: Chase leaning into nan soul villain this play has go 1 of nan awesome themes. The first statement came arsenic portion of his rant that made waves connected Thursday and mightiness beryllium nan astir relatable remark that’s ever travel retired of his mouth.

The 2nd came from nan triumph successful Jacksonville erstwhile Chase was asked astir turning astir to taunt nan Jaguars protect backmost connected nan measurement into nan extremity zone. He said he went into nan nighttime readying connected pulling towels and talking immoderate trash possible. It’s astir apt not a coincidence his villain streak has travel arsenic portion of a fewer of his champion games. Maybe that’s nan impetus down Thursday’s disrespect?

8. “Ten. Five. Touchdown! Do nan Griddy! Heeeeeeeyyyyy”

When: July 17

Why: Over 3 years covering Chase, he’s proven to beryllium a overmuch deeper, nuanced individual than astir springiness him in installments for. His demeanor is much often than not light-hearted and based connected a jovial position of life and relationships.

When asked to fulfill nan Make-A-Wish of Brixton Wood, their interactions showed disconnected nan softer broadside of nan prima receiver that was cool to see.

7. “He rubbed hella babe lipid connected me.”

When: Nov. 16

Why: This 1 mightiness beryllium individual to me, but ever cracked maine up. I wrote a characteristic connected Chase’s singular expertise to make nan first defender miss aft a catch. He’s 1 of nan champion successful nan crippled successful that regard. When talking astir wherever his mentality of breaking each tackle comes from he told nan communicative astir his dada rubbing babe lipid connected him earlier each crippled erstwhile he first started playing small league.

Beyond being wildly unfair to nan mediocre 9-year-old defenders successful Harvey, La., nan full conception did explicate rather a spot astir his unsocial expertise pinch nan shot successful his hands.



How Ja'Marr Chase makes first tacklers miss astatine an elite level: 'People conscionable autumn disconnected him'

6. “Twenty-two miles per hr successful practice? S————–. I’m taking nan adjacent rep off.”

When: Dec. 10

Why: Chase going afloat Clay Davis from “The Wire” will ever make maine laugh. The speech was astir Chase Brown crossing 22 mph connected his touchdown against nan Indianapolis Colts, nan second-fastest velocity for a shot bearer each year. When informed nan fastest he has tally successful a crippled was 21.8, he admitted, “I conjecture I’m slow.” Yet, erstwhile I asked astir checking his believe velocity clip and if immoderate of those crossed 22, he was straight-up appalled astatine nan conception of moving that accelerated during nan week.

5. “Pat who?”

When: June 14

Why: Chase didn’t hesitate to adhd much substance to nan occurrence of nan blossoming Bengals-Chiefs rivalry. When told Joe Burrow called Patrick Mahomes nan champion backmost successful nan league, Chase couldn’t thief himself. Just thing astir these Chiefs games.

Of course, it prompted a retort from Mahomes 2 days later astatine nan team’s ringing ceremony. And disconnected it went. I don’t attraction what anybody says, each this back-and-forth wrong nan rivalry is awesome for football. Give maine much of it, please.

That’s Who 💍💍 pic.twitter.com/pIs95yWMTS

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) June 16, 2023

4a. “I don’t want him there. As agelong arsenic you’re location aft Week 5 and on, we’re good.”

4b. “I wish we would person did that from nan jump. But, unrecorded and learn.”

4c.  “I didn’t want him to play. I told him that aft that game. I said, you sewage nuts, boy, I didn’t want you to play. That conscionable shows Joe is hardheaded, but Joe’s a shot player, man.”

When: Aug. 7, Sept. 21 and Sept. 25 (after “Monday Night Football” vs. Los Angeles Rams)

Joe Burrow is playing Week 1, right?@Real10jayy__ connected @nflnetwork:

“I told him, that pinch each honesty, I don’t want him there.” pic.twitter.com/0YbX8KHKTL

— Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) August 4, 2023

Why: As Chase said, should person listened to him. Nobody was consenting to speak retired from nan different broadside of nan calf wounded that constricted Burrow for nan first 4 weeks of nan play — isolated from Chase. He’s nan uncommon personification successful nan locker room consenting to speak openly astir and moreover return jabs astatine Burrow. When it came to nan communicative of nan first 2 months of nan play he sounded crazy astatine nan clip suggesting nan QB should return September off. Afterward, not truthful much.

That said, had to see 4c because it is 1 of nan possibly 2 twelve times this twelvemonth Chase has referred to Burrow arsenic either stubborn aliases hard-headed, a trait that took halfway shape this year.

3. “You can’t conscionable opportunity that because that’s 2 different taxation brackets.”

When: Dec. 13

Joe Burrow & Jake Browning person nan aforesaid assurance successful nan huddle…but overmuch different personalities disconnected nan field.

Ja’Marr Chase describes nan differences successful his QBs ⬇️ #Bengals | @WLWT pic.twitter.com/yCBEUtsEPf

— Olivia Ray (@OliviaRayTV) December 13, 2023

Why: Jake Browning’s ascension became nan communicative of this past period and time off it to Chase to sum up nan quality betwixt nan aged QB1 and nan caller QB1.

The supra remark was his consequence to nan thought floated that Burrow is flashier than Browning. It was not wrong.

The speech continued and he yet offered nan quintessential explanation of nan quality betwixt nan personalities of Browning and his QB soulmate Burrow.

“Jake’s much playful than Burrow. Jake’s going to grin pinch you connected nan regular. Joe is conscionable going to locomotion past you, look astatine you and past support going. He’s not going to grin each nan time, Joe’s conscionable much passageway imagination than Jake. If I could picture it, I would opportunity Joe comes to activity successful a suit and a tie. Jake comes to activity successful a suit, nary tie.”

2. “I’m ever f—— open”

When: Oct. 1

Why: Frustration was boiling over. The Bengals conscionable sewage hit 27-3 by Tennessee. They were 1-3 and Burrow looked for illustration a ammunition of himself. Chase is ne'er 1 to clasp backmost astatine debased points and this 1 was a one-sentence symbolism of nan authorities of nan team’s violative headspace.

Taylor came retired nan adjacent time and pointed retired he loved nan question and reply Chase gave aft nan crippled erstwhile looking astatine nan afloat discourse and not nan snippet that went viral.

“It shows assurance of 1 of our champion players.”

So galore of Chase’s comments travel backmost to this point. He sets nan reside and swagger of nan full group pinch nan belief successful himself and his willingness to put himself retired there. That’s been nan lawsuit for a while now.

1. “It’s frustrating because I called their ass elves and we conscionable mislaid to immoderate elves.”

When: Sept. 10

Why: During nan week, Chase decided to usage nan opener successful Cleveland arsenic an opportunity to return shots astatine nan Browns defense and, really, full organization. He said “Cleveland is Cleveland” and “I was astir to telephone them elves,” arsenic a reference to nan elf mascot trotted astatine midfield successful Browns Stadium this year.

This became instant bulletin committee worldly and a large talking constituent successful Cleveland during nan week. After getting dismantled 24-3, Chase was asked if he was disappointment having to judge an disfigured nonaccomplishment aft what he said during nan week. Then he dropped that gem.

It’s really a cleanable illustration of nan tone down Chase’s chatter. He loves talking trash. It makes nan grind much enjoyable. Sometimes it gets him successful problem and he laughs astir it. Sometimes he feeds disconnected of it and nan squad does nan same.

For him, it seems each successful bully nosy of enjoying life and not taking himself excessively seriously.

Either way, don’t expect Chase to unopen up anytime soon. I’ll speak for everyone successful Bengals media and say, he amended not.

(Photo: Ian Johnson / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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