Jimmy Snuggerud takes over for USA at world juniors, Sweden’s 2005 line shines

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USA's guardant Rutger McGroarty celebrates pinch USA's guardant Jimmy Snuggerud aft he scored 1-4 extremity during nan Group B crystal lucky lucifer betwixt Switzerland and USA of nan IIHF World Junior Championship successful Gothenburg, Sweden, connected December 28, 2023. (Photo by Adam IHSE / TT NEWS AGENCY / AFP) / Sweden OUT (Photo by ADAM IHSE/TT NEWS AGENCY/AFP via Getty Images)

The 3rd time of nan tourney was a quieter two-game time that vanished pinch expected results. It was a bully time if you are a instrumentality of nan St. Louis Blues.

  • USA soundly defeated Switzerland by a people of 11-3, pinch St. Louis first-round prime Jimmy Snuggerud named subordinate of nan game, scoring a chapeau instrumentality and 4 points.
  • The big Sweden hit Germany. Arizona imaginable Melker Thelin recorded a 15-save shutout. St. Louis imaginable Otto Stenberg was named champion subordinate successful that game, besides scoring a chapeau trick.

Jimmy Snuggerud takes complete for USA

Blues first-rounder Jimmy Snuggerud vanished 3rd successful tourney scoring past year, pinch 13 points successful 7 games. He was good successful nan opener against Norway, scoring and registering six shots connected goal. But he, coming disconnected a uncommon 50-point freshman twelvemonth successful college, needs to thrust nan autobus for Team USA and he did that against nan Swiss.

From nan driblet of nan puck, he was nan champion subordinate connected nan ice. Before nan first play was out, he’d scored a chapeau trick. He was vulnerable each clip complete nan boards and could person had a 4th if not for a mates of large stops connected wide-open looks successful nan slot. Two of Snuggerud’s goals were astir identical, pinch him swinging crossed nan left-wing faceoff circle to cod Cutter Gauthier’s (PHI) won faceoff and people pinch that difficult wrister of his. He didn’t fto up nan remainder of nan measurement either, and looked a trim supra throughout. He was stronger successful battles, and harder connected pucks, and a much vulnerable finisher than nan guidance could handle. You won’t find amended worth pinch nan 23rd prime successful galore drafts. Through 2 games, he now has 4 goals, 5 points and 13 shots connected goal.

Gavin Brindley (CBJ) was noticeable for a 2nd consecutive game, and linemate and Michigan teammate Frank Nazar (CHI) made a trio of beautiful cross-ice passes to group up goals and stood retired disconnected nan unreserved for USA, too. — Scott Wheeler

USA nett is Trey Augustine’s to lose

After Red Wings imaginable Trey Augustine stepped up successful a astonishing trial against Norway to make 22 saves connected 23 shots (a .957 prevention percentage), including immoderate bully ones, Team USA went to Canadiens imaginable Jacob Fowler connected Thursday. He was fine, but he gave up 3 goals connected 24 shots (one on nan ice, 1 complete this shoulder, and 1 connected a rebound for a .875 prevention percentage). With USA group to play connected a back-to-back against nan Czechs tomorrow, look for Augustine to get nan nett back. If he plays well, it’s astir apt his to support against Slovakia connected New Year’s Eve and into nan quarterfinals arsenic well. Both are morganatic NHL goalie prospects who’ve been very bully successful assemblage lucky this season. While Fowler’s numbers were amended coming successful and he has played good successful large games astatine nan World Jr. A Challenge and during Youngstown’s tally to nan Clark Cup past year, Augustine’s acquisition pinch USA Hockey was going to springiness him nan separator if it came down to a coin flip aliases he outplayed him successful nan information robin. — Scott Wheeler

Sweden’s 2005 statement shines

The champion statement coming for Sweden was their youngest arsenic it was each nan 2005-born players successful David Edstrom (VGK) successful betwixt Otto Stenberg and Felix Unger Sorum (CAR). That statement had played together nan anterior play pinch Sweden’s U18 squad and nan chemistry showed. They made a batch of tic-tac plays, pinch Edstrom having nan superior assistance connected 2 connected Stenberg’s goals, and Unger Sorum connected nan other. Unger Sorum went heavy into Carolina’s NHL camp, and seemed to person picked up a measurement successful his skating from a twelvemonth agone to spell pinch each of his skill. Edstrom provided nan steady, competitory play to spell pinch his size and skating. Stenberg flashed fantabulous accomplishment and scoring small heart and was ever astir nan play erstwhile he was connected nan crystal owed to nan effort and gait he plays with. If Sweden tin get their older players rolling they will person a heavy lineup to contend with. —Corey Pronman

Here’s nan schedule for Friday:

  • Slovakia vs. Norway, 6 a.m. ET
  • Finland vs. Latvia, 8:30 a.m. ET
  • USA vs. Czechia, 11 a.m. ET
  • Sweden vs. Canada, 1:30 p.m. ET

(Photo of Rutger McGroarty celebrating pinch Jimmy Snuggerud connected Day 3 of nan IIHF World Junior Championship successful Gothenburg, Sweden: Adam Ihse / TT News Agency / AFP via Getty Images)

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