Manchester United fans around the globe: Dublin

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In nan latest instalment of a bid talking to Manchester United fans astir nan world, Andy Mitten travelled to Dublin successful August for a sold-out pre-season friends against Spain’s Athletic Bilbao astatine nan 51,000-capacity Aviva Stadium.

Other groups of United supporters astir nan world The Athletic has already visited: San Diego, New York and New Jersey, Jeddah, Islamabad, Oslo and Adelaide.

Why United?

Louise Berney: “I’m 40, a Dubliner from nan northside and was calved a Red. I’m named aft Lou Macari. My dada is simply a large Man United fan, yet his 2 brothers are Leeds fans. My nana’s champion friend was engaged to (United legend) Johnny Carey. We person a young Alex and a Ryan successful our family now.

“I spell to Old Trafford for astir games. I person a play summons and we’re portion of nan Dublin supporters’ club, wherever I’m nan rank secretary. We organise trips to each location crippled and usually spell by ferry, arsenic we for illustration to recreation successful a group. We person conscionable nether 400 members from Dublin — that is charismatic United members who tin use for tickets. It utilized to beryllium called nan Ireland branch and started successful 1969, but we’re now proud that location are branches each complete Ireland.

“For a 3pm kick-off connected Saturday, we’d usually get nan 2am ferry and dock astatine Holyhead successful Wales astatine half-five. We past thrust to a Wetherspoon’s pub successful Sale (a Manchester suburb) for breakfast, past to nan Railway Club successful Stretford for a drink. We past get backmost to Holyhead for nan half-eight ferry astatine night. It’s a 24-hour travel for a 90-minute crippled and astir group enactment awake for nan duration.

“If it’s a half-five kick-off (on a Saturday), we get nan ferry astatine 8am connected matchday and you don’t get backmost to Dublin until six nan pursuing morning. I mightiness spell to furniture for an hr aliases 2 but past I spell to activity successful nan caput agency of a unit company.

🇮🇪 Our relationship pinch Ireland will ever beryllium special.

Until adjacent time, Dublin 🙏#MUFC

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) August 6, 2023

“I’ve been to 3 Champions League finals, positive a Europa League last and galore home cup finals. Moscow successful 2008 for nan Champions League last was nan best, my precocious constituent arsenic a fan. I’d surgery my ft and was successful a formed and connected 2 crutches erstwhile I travelled to Russia. I danced connected my 1 bully ft aft nan penalties there. It costs maine €2,500 (£2,160 $2,730), and that didn’t see a hotel, but it was worthy each penny. I consciousness blessed and privileged to person knowledgeable what I person astatine my age.”

Brian Murphy: “I support United because of my nan. She had Sky Sports earlier we did. I went to her location and couldn’t understand why she was truthful passionate shouting astatine nan TV erstwhile I went to spot her. I was astir five. ‘That’s Man United, that’s my team’, she said. ‘They ever person Irish lads playing for them’.

“My dada was besides a instrumentality and I watched games pinch family. I’d spell to nan overseas lucifer and past erstwhile I became an big I started to spell to games each nan time. Now, I’m a season-ticket holder and I spell to 20 to 25 games per play location and distant and successful Europe, wherever I’m connected nan afloat 7 credits from past games attended. I besides tally nan supporters’ nine successful West Limerick. We person betwixt 200 and 300 paid-up members — a operation of group who spell a batch and group who spell erstwhile aliases doubly per season.

“A emblematic travel involves getting up astatine silly o’clock and going to nan airdrome pinch a deficiency of sleep. Cork is 90 minutes away, Dublin almost 3 hours. I’d alert into anyplace we tin get into: Manchester, Liverpool, London. The flights are usually astatine six aliases 7 o’clock successful nan morning, truthful I’d time off location 5 hours earlier that.

“I’m shattered, truthful I spell consecutive to nan pub erstwhile I get successful Manchester — whichever pub is unfastened earliest. There’s a bully fewer of america spell complete and we person mates successful Manchester. Liverpool and Leeds are besides celebrated successful Limerick. Rugby is besides large (Munster, 1 of Europe’s astir successful rugby national teams, play location games successful Limerick) and hurling is massive.

Brian Murphy (Andy Mitten/The Athletic)

“We meet caller group each nan clip pursuing United. I’d arranged to meet 1 Irish Red astatine Villa Park, who I’d only spoken to via Twitter. I went to nan pub wherever we’d arranged to meet and location was a man who collapsed. There wasn’t overmuch I could do, I’m a plumber, truthful I made abstraction while nan paramedics came.

“Drinks were flowing, I was getting nicely merry and it was heading towards kick-off erstwhile my telephone rang. It was my long-lost mate from Twitter. He was late. I answered nan telephone and it’s an English woman pinch a heavy Brummie accent. ‘Is that Brian? Your friend is extracurricular nan barroom successful an ambulance, there’s been a spot of an incident and we request a friend of his to travel to him’.

“I was s******* myself because a) I didn’t really cognize nan lad; b) I was half-pissed; c) I’m not precisely awesome successful situations of severity, particularly erstwhile someone’s successful aesculapian trouble. The ambulance woman opened nan doorway and calmly walked retired to me. ‘Now look, he’s not successful awesome shape, truthful don’t beryllium alarmed erstwhile you spell into him’, she said. I explained nan situation, that I’ve ne'er met nan fella and only knew him disconnected Twitter.

“He’d had an epileptic seizure, his first successful a decade, and dropped for illustration a sack of spuds. I was nan only personification he knew successful Birmingham. I stuck my caput successful nan doorway and saw a man who looked a operation of grey and green. ‘Hiya, mate. I’m Brian. Nice to meet you’, I said.

“We walked down to 1 of nan burger vans adjacent nan crushed and I thought, ‘A spot of caller aerial and he’ll beryllium correct arsenic rain’. But he wasn’t and said he wanted to slumber it disconnected astatine nan hotel. I didn’t spot him again until Atletico Madrid distant (in 2022), wherever he was successful overmuch amended spirits and had nary seizures to study since.”

Dale, 27: “I started supporting United because I enjoyed winding up my grandad — a Liverpool instrumentality — successful Clonmel, Tipperary. Liverpool and United are immense successful Clonmel, while hurling is nan astir celebrated sport.

“English shot is truthful celebrated and you’d spot that successful nan pubs and bars, though little truthful now pinch nan value of drinks and costs of living. More watch it astatine home, but there’s nan geography, England’s adjacent and a batch of Irish players person played there, including for United. Some of United’s top ever players were Irish: George Best, Roy Keane, Johnny Carey and a Busby Babe successful Liam Whelan. There aren’t galore now, but I don’t deliberation it will impact nan support overmuch here.

“I’ve ever felt welcomed erstwhile I’ve gone to Manchester. I said to older lads who said that wasn’t ever nan lawsuit successful nan 1980s, but I get looked after. It’s for illustration family and I spot Manchester arsenic a 2nd home. I emotion it. I went connected my first European travel this twelvemonth to Seville, a awesome metropolis and trip, but nan little said astir nan crippled nan better.”

Derek Berney: “I’ve been progressive successful nan Dublin branch for 33 years and was nan president of nan supporters’ nine for galore years. I’ve been a regular astatine Old Trafford since 1975 and first joined nan nine aft nan 1979 FA Cup last against Arsenal. I’d been to that crippled and sewage tickets — successful nan Arsenal end, which wasn’t ideal. I didn’t want to make that correction again.

“One of nan biggest challenges we had for a agelong clip pinch nan supporters’ nine was hotels. Manchester didn’t person galore and we’d enactment adjacent Stockport astatine times. That has each changed.

“We’ve travelled by vessel for a agelong time. We tally a trip, usually a coach, to each azygous location crippled — that was 3 aliases 4 coaches 20 years ago, erstwhile you could get tickets. Demand for tickets is now overmuch higher. We could bring aggregate coaches if we had tickets again. The nine person been bully to america complete nan years, though, they effort to thief us.”

How would you picture nan shot support successful Dublin?

Louise: “Phenomenal. United, Liverpool and Celtic are nan astir popular. I cognize of only 2 Manchester City fans. There are tons of fans who besides support section clubs, too. My relative goes to Old Trafford but is simply a large Bohs (Dublin-based League of Ireland nine Bohemians) fan. I’ve ne'er had overmuch liking successful nan section teams.”

A United instrumentality spotted successful Dublin (Andy Mitten/The Athletic)

Dale: “There’s a monolithic Irish United pursuing and I’m very proud of it. We’re speaking successful Dublin, wherever nan crippled sold retired successful nary time. United haven’t been present for six years and I deliberation they should play present much often.”

Derek: “I consciousness for nan kids present coming successful Dublin, wherever nan crippled sold retired successful nary time. I get to spot nan first squad astatine Old Trafford each nan time, but nan kids present won’t spot nan prima players (United sent a second-string having faced Lens of France successful Manchester nan erstwhile day). That said, I support whoever wears nan crest.”

(Top photo: The Athletic’s Andy Mitten pinch Dale; Andy Mitten/The Athletic)

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