Manchester United takeover live updates: Latest as INEOS investment is confirmed by Glazers

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FC United of Manchester has issued a connection connected Ratcliffe and INEOS' 25 per cent liking successful United.

It read: "We’ll hold to spot what, if any, important quality this alteration of building and finance will bring to nan nine we each love. Even though Ratcliffe’s engagement could spot immoderate affirmative changes, we do not judge it will beryllium capable to alteration nan deep-rooted issues astatine Manchester United aliases successful modern shot wherever supporters are regularly treated pinch disdain.

"We are mindful that nan Glazer family will still clasp a controlling 75 per cent liking successful nan club, truthful they will beryllium free to proceed extracting ample dividends whilst ignoring supporters’ views.

"The Glazers’ ownership of Manchester United has been an unmitigated disaster pinch almost £2billion taken from nan nine and its supporters. Thousands of Reds fought against Malcolm Glazer’s dispute takeover successful 2005 and his sons stay unwelcome today.

"We dream Ratcliffe’s engagement will mean that Manchester United and nan fans are treated pinch nan respect they deserve, which has been sadly lacking during nan Glazer regime.

"For decades, Manchester United and galore different shot clubs crossed nan UK person go playthings of rich | benefactors pinch dubious morals and ethics. These group do not worth aliases respect nan fans, who are – and ever will beryllium – nan lifeblood of nan game.

"We judge that shot arsenic a full should beryllium owned and led by mean match-going fans. We powerfully advocator clubs being afloat owned by their supporters. As an absolute minimum, location should beryllium amended protagonist engagement crossed shot truthful that they person a meaningful sound connected important issues.

"As good arsenic having money stolen from their clubs, astir fans person nary opportunity successful nan decision-making process. Their views are wide disregarded, and they are regularly subjected to extortionate summons prices, anti-social kick-off times, and mediocre curen connected lucifer days."

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