Mikel Arteta makes no transfer guarantees but warns Arsenal ‘really short’ on numbers

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Mikel Arteta has reiterated that Arsenal are “really short” successful position of numbers and person “certain targets” up of nan January transportation window, but has not guaranteed incomings.

The Athletic has reported that defence is nan astir apt area for Arsenal additions this winter, owed to some agelong and shorter-term injuries they person had to woody pinch successful Jurrien Timber (anterior cruciate ligament) and Takehiro Tomiyasu (calf), who tin some play crossed nan backmost line.

Arteta said that Tomiyasu and Thomas Partey (thigh), who has besides played right-back this season, person a chance of returning earlier their respective world tournaments — nan Asian Cup and Africa Cup of Nations — successful nan New Year, but added of nan duo: “They haven’t trained pinch nan squad yet, truthful they’re still acold distant from that, but hopefully, they tin germinate successful nan correct way.”

When asked whether Arsenal could spend to suffer immoderate much players owed to sales, nan Arsenal head said: “At nan infinitesimal it’s very difficult. We are really short, we person positions that we’ve been very exposed for nan past six weeks and hopefully, we’re going to get players back.

“In what information and when, that’s a mobility mark, and arsenic good because we person immoderate semipermanent injuries still for definite players that springiness america a batch of versatility and that’s an issue.”

Arsenal’s approaches to nan past 2 January transportation windows person been complete opposites.

Last season, they missed retired connected superior targets and decided to pivot to short to mid-term scheme Bs successful Leandro Trossard and Jorginho.

The twelvemonth earlier location was a request for a striker, but they decided to hold until nan summertime to unafraid semipermanent target Gabriel Jesus.

“We person definite targets and ideas,” Arteta said connected nan upcoming window.

“If things happen, we don’t cognize really nan squad is going to look successful 2 weeks’ time. You ever person to beryllium prepared for that. It’s a very tricky marketplace that shifts very quickly and it’s rather unpredictable arsenic well. You person to beryllium prepared. We’ll beryllium prepared and we’ll effort to make nan correct calls.

“If location is thing that we tin [do to] amended nan squad and that needs appear, and we cannot fulfil it pinch players here, we’re ever going to beryllium unfastened to that because we want to beryllium stronger.”



Arsenal transportation window: Defence and midfield request bolstering - but loans much apt than buys

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