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When Ohio State backmost Devin Brown was coached by his begetter passim his younker shot days, location was an knowing betwixt nan two: Brown had to gain his spot astatine backmost from scratch earlier each season.

Andrew Brown would spell to his boy and say, “Hey Devin, I had to bring successful different QB — this feline is amended than you.” He refused to manus his boy nan starting job. Devin had to gain it. There was moreover 1 play erstwhile he forced Devin to divided reps pinch nan different quarterback.

“I would propulsion him,” Andrew said, “and he’d travel complete to nan sideline and springiness maine a look, like, ‘Really?’”

That’s conscionable really Andrew grew up. For one, he didn’t want to springiness disconnected nan cognition that nan coach’s boy sewage preferential treatment. He was besides raised successful a family wherever everything was earned and thing was given.

“You person to gain your way,” Andrew said, “and if you don’t, I don’t deliberation you’re arsenic bully arsenic nan guys who do.”

Every year, Devin won nan starting backmost occupation contempt nan adversity his begetter purposely put connected him. So erstwhile Andrew reflects connected nan twelvemonth his boy has been through, it doesn’t fuss him.

“He’s been an underdog moreover successful his ain house,” Andrew said. “There’s ever thing to overcome.”

From nan wounded that sidelined him for nan outpouring crippled to losing nan backmost conflict to Kyle McCord to getting injured against Penn State conscionable aft coach Ryan Day recovered a package to utilize his versatility, Devin Brown has been connected a roller coaster arsenic a redshirt freshman.

But McCord is gone now, choosing to transportation to Syracuse. It’s each led to Friday nighttime astatine nan Cotton Bowl, erstwhile Brown will return nan reins arsenic No. 7 Ohio State’s starting backmost against No. 9 Missouri. In immoderate ways, it’s an audition for adjacent season. Ohio State hasn’t tipped its manus excessively overmuch astir whether it will spell into nan transportation portal to capable nan spot near by McCord, though it has been linked to Kansas State transportation Will Howard.

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