NFL Week 17 preview: Live updates, schedule, playoff standings, injury report and news

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Kianna Pittman knew thing was off. Her husband, Colts prima receiver Michael Pittman Jr., had cleared concussion protocol and planned to play past week astatine Atlanta, but he wasn’t afloat himself.

He still needed much time.

“My woman was really nan 1 who pointed retired that I hadn’t been acting normal yet, and I conscionable thought astir it like, ‘You cognize what? You’re right,’” Pittman said Friday. “It conscionable wasn’t gonna happen. It conscionable wasn’t time, and I’m emotion a batch amended this week.”

Last week, aft heeding his wife’s observations and self-reporting his reoccurring concussion symptoms, Pittman was ruled retired little than 24 hours earlier nan Colts were dismantled astatine Atlanta.

It wounded to watch from nan sideline aft making nan trip, Pittman insisted, but fortunately for him, it should only beryllium a one-game absence, barring immoderate setbacks. Colts caput coach Shane Steichen announced Friday that Pittman, who spent different week successful concussion protocol, has erstwhile again cleared it and should beryllium disposable to play Sunday against nan Raiders.

Indianapolis is 8-7 and presently holds nan last AFC playoff spot. With 2 games near successful nan regular season, Pittman said nan Colts are “basically playing successful nan playoffs now,” and he’s wished to make judge they widen their campaign.

“This is fundamentally what we walk 365 days on,” Pittman said of his team's postseason push. “ ... Everything has led america to this point, and we person everything that we want. So, we conscionable gotta support connected winning, and I deliberation everything will return attraction of itself.”

Pittman, who is successful nan last twelvemonth of his rookie contract, is having nan champion twelvemonth of his career. The 26-year-old ranks sixth successful nan NFL pinch 99 receptions for 1,064 yards and 4 TDs. His return would beryllium a invited motion for Indianapolis, which managed conscionable 170 passing yards past week, marking its second-lowest output of nan season.

Backup linebacker Segun Olubi told The Athletic he’ll play against nan Raiders aft missing nan past 2 games owed to a hep injury. Backup moving backmost Zack Moss will miss his 2nd consecutive crippled owed to a correct forearm injury, Steichen announced, but he did not norm retired Braden Smith. The Colts’ starting correct tackle was sidelined nan past 3 games owed to a knee injury, and he missed 4 games earlier this twelvemonth owed to wrist and hep injuries. Asked if he’ll play against nan Raiders, Smith was optimistic but not definitive.

“You conscionable gotta beryllium patient, obviously, and spell done each time making judge you’re making advancement and moving astatine it arsenic difficult arsenic you tin to get backmost connected nan field,” Smith said. “Obviously, it sucks having to watch. I’ve watched a batch of games this twelvemonth from nan sideline, truthful it’s been frustrating. But each you tin do is do arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin to get better.”

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