Nick Saban is dialed in to Rose Bowl prep — on the field (literally) and off it

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LOS ANGELES — On nan believe fields of California State University, nan Alabama shot squad is successful nan early minutes of Thursday’s shot practice. In nan oversea of ample specimens successful shot pads, there’s 1 that’s not for illustration nan others participating — Nick Saban connected nan writer pinch nan squad going done nan aforesaid stretches and warmups. That’s not uncommon for Saban, but it serves arsenic a reminder that nan 72-year-old coach is still dialed into each portion of nan process his players spell through, truthful overmuch truthful that he does it himself.

“When you’re a coach arsenic ascendant arsenic Nick Saban, group don’t want to spot you triumph nary more,” linebacker Dallas Turner said. “So they commencement saying worldly for illustration he’s aged and worldly for illustration that but I don’t deliberation he’s going anyplace anytime soon. He’s nan aforesaid feline each time coming into practice, snapping connected group for immoderate small point but he loves america and wants nan champion for us.”

In nan backdrop of nan speech surrounding Saban’s coaching occupation this play — arguably his champion — is nan evergreen taxable of his eventual status and erstwhile that mightiness be. Friday’s Rose Bowl readiness allowed for his colleagues for illustration protect coordinator Kevin Steele, who’s known Saban for 40 years, and his existent players to shed ray connected really Saban’s handled this play and what it intends moving forward. The wide thought is that he’s shown nary signs of letting up.

On Thursday, Alabama landed nan commitment of USC transportation and erstwhile five-star protect backmost Domani Jackson, adding to different highly-ranked recruiting class, overmuch for illustration nan ones earlier this rhythm and nan No. 2 classed people successful adjacent year’s cycle. This year’s squad will play successful nan College Football Playoff semifinal connected Monday. As assemblage shot continues to change, Saban continues to onslaught nan equilibrium of improvement pinch halfway principles to find success.

“He’s evolved successful position of football,” Steele said. “He’s adapted, obviously, successful recruiting successful position of NIL and nan transportation portal and each those kinds of things, nan method things. But successful position of nan halfway of who he is and really he goes astir nan process, there’s really not immoderate difference. I can’t show immoderate quality betwixt nan first time we worked astatine Alabama successful 2007 and now.

“You opportunity that, and group either judge it aliases they don’t want to judge it truthful they don’t judge it. I lived it. There’s nary difference.”



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Ask information Malachi Moore and location are immoderate differences though, chiefly pinch really Saban has connected pinch this year’s squad connected a individual level.

“I wouldn’t opportunity much lenient, I would opportunity he’s much unfastened to us,” Moore, a senior, said. “He talks to america a lot. I deliberation this twelvemonth he’s made much jokes than I’ve ever heard him make before. So it’s conscionable bully to spot that we brought that broadside retired of him. I benignant of in installments to america a small bit.”

One of nan astir notable examples from this play was Saban’s effusive praise and support of nan squad during early play struggles, moreover arsenic alumni publically criticized nan squad amid nan slow start. It led nan coach to get down nan player-created motto “Let All Naysayers Know” which has now go nan unofficial rallying outcry of nan team. Saban doesn’t put overmuch banal into outer noise, but elder protect lineman Justin Eboigbe said connected Friday that his coach “loves” nan saying.

The outward support, mixed pinch basal reliable emotion successful movie sessions aliases day-to-day connected nan believe section is key. Turner vividly remembers a blown duty during a walkthrough that Saban harped connected complete nan adjacent respective minutes. It struck nan correct tune to get this Alabama squad to wherever each is expected to be: playing for championships.

“He has an uncanny expertise to cognize what each squad needs,” Steele said. “(What) each group of guys need, each broadside of nan shot needs. He’s conscionable sewage a gift there. I deliberation it astir apt was focused connected because now it’s truthful expected to triumph each crippled astatine Alabama, and truthful erstwhile you person a crippled wherever you don’t triumph it, past each nan attraction — well, it must beryllium gone. The mystique is gone. That’s your word. And he has an uncanny expertise to negociate that group, immoderate it is.”

Steele, property 66, said personally astir what keeps him energized and 1 of nan first things was this team; a group he described arsenic “very easy to coach, competitory and nosy to beryllium around.” He said if he ever feels for illustration he doesn’t person thing to springiness to nan crippled aliases he’s hurting nan program, he has a vessel fresh astatine nan dock.

The aforesaid sentiment tin beryllium assumed for Saban — ne'er opportunity ne'er — particularly if this play ends pinch nationalist title No. 8 for him. But wherever nan squad is, pinch nan talent it has and nan talent connected nan measurement is simply a clear denotation that nan programme isn’t hurting. And nan players consciousness for illustration there’s plentifulness much to give.

“I person nary thought erstwhile (Saban) will extremity coaching but I deliberation he’s successful it for nan agelong haul,” Moore said. “It shows by nan measurement he comes to meetings and worldly for illustration that, he still takes connected nan time conscionable arsenic he would erstwhile he first started. I deliberation that’s nan top point astir coming here, conscionable seeing Coach’s consistency each and each day. He’s sticking to nan aforesaid skills that he has for a agelong time. That’s why he’s a awesome coach.”

Malachi Moore has recorded 48 full tackles (29 solo) this play for Alabama. (Aaron E. Martinez / USA Today)

Thoughts connected caller transportation additions

Jackson joined protect lineman LT Overton arsenic Alabama’s 2nd transportation portal perpetrate connected Thursday. Their additions were a taxable of speech among existent Alabama players.

Moore hosted Jackson erstwhile he was a precocious schoolhouse enlistee and yet chose USC complete Alabama. A five-star recruit, Turner said he remembered Jackson from his precocious schoolhouse days astatine powerhouse Mater Dei (Cal.) (where Jackson was teammates pinch backmost Bryce Young) and said he’s alert of his potential. Jackson was coming astatine Alabama’s believe connected Thursday arsenic an observer.

“Just beryllium fresh to travel successful and work,” Moore said. “It’s really a unsocial acquisition to spell against nan champion of nan champion each and each day.”

The developmental facet of Alabama’s programme was a large trading constituent to some prospects, each pinch elite talent but needing refinement to scope their afloat potential. There’s going to beryllium an opportunity for some to lend adjacent play arsenic their respective position groups are expected to spot attrition to nan 2024 NFL Draft. Overton is already making an belief wrong his caller position group.

“Great squad guy. He’s connected nan scout squad correct now,” Eboigbe said of Overton. “Of course, he can’t play successful nan crippled correct now, but he’s giving nan guys connected nan violative statement and discourtesy a look. When he gets successful nan wintertime conditioning, summertime conditioning, his assemblage is going to change. He’s going to get bigger and stronger. But he’s a feline who, I think, plays separator astatine Texas A&M. He’ll travel successful and play protect line. He’s going to put a small spot much weight on. But I consciousness for illustration he’s going to beryllium very successful successful nan system.”



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Who is nan existent protect coordinator astatine Alabama?

It’s thing that was called into mobility successful nan days starring up to Alabama’s first signature triumph of nan play against Ole Miss. During his Sunday presser, Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin theorized that secondary coach Travaris Robinson assumed play-calling duties from Steele based connected Alabama’s protect tendencies successful nan first fewer weeks. On Friday, Steele sewage to reside those comments for nan first time.

“Nothing,” Steele said. “I cognize Lane. I don’t cognize (why he said it). I don’t know. You’d person to inquire him.”

Steele simply said, “No,” erstwhile asked if his play-calling responsibilities were taken away.

“I’ll thief you connected 1 of your questions, though. Who do you deliberation nan protect coordinator astatine Alabama is?” Steele asked. “It ain’t but one, and he’s won 7 nationalist championships. As agelong arsenic you cognize that, we’re good.”

A surreal infinitesimal for Eboigbe

The All-SEC action was 1 of 5 Alabama defenders selected to participate successful Friday’s media circuit. At this clip past year, thing for illustration that didn’t look very possible. Eboigbe missed astir of nan 2022 play owed to a cervix injury. At this clip past twelvemonth erstwhile Alabama was preparing for nan Sugar Bowl, he was conscionable opening nan roadworthy to recovery.

“Doing a small spot of rehab and spot and conditioning,” Eboigbe said. “But still uncertain what my early held. It was a blessing to look astatine nan twelvemonth successful review, really difficult activity pays off. Can’t do thing without God, and conscionable each and each time working, knowing location ain’t nary tomorrow, everything happens for a reason. I conscionable genuinely judge that. I told myself each and each time I would travel backmost from it. And I genuinely meant that. I genuinely believed it.”

Eboigbe, a elder and self-proclaimed “old head” successful nan protect statement room, has been instrumental successful Alabama’s occurrence this play pinch 11.5 tackles for nonaccomplishment (second connected nan team) and 7 sacks (third). But astir importantly, his activity has been astir felt by year’s team. It’s thing that some Eboigbe and McKinstry said to — nan Alabama measurement of learning from personification older, increasing into that illustration and past school nan adjacent activity of players. Eboigbe’s betterment has allowed him to do that and it’s paying dividends to nan programme successful aggregate ways.

“He’s a grown man. I’m judge y’all person seen him today,” Steele said of Eboigbe. “Very, very mature. Very mature. Very superior astir what he does. He commands double teams (too), and that’s difficult successful this business.”

(Top photo: John David Mercer / USA Today)

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