One 2024 NFL Draft prospect to watch on each college football bowl team

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Editor’s note: This article will beryllium updated passim vessel season, up of each day’s games.

It’s vessel season!

To supplement each your shot watching complete nan adjacent month, we will item 1 cardinal NFL imaginable to watch for each 80 non-playoff vessel teams.

Note: All times Eastern.

Saturday, Dec. 30

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl (Noon, ESPN): Ole Miss vs. Penn State

Penn State has 1 of nan amended tight extremity tandems successful nan country, and some pieces of it will beryllium playing Saturday. TE Theo Johnson (6-6, 258) hasn’t been a difference-maker for nan Nittany Lions’ offense, but his beingness traits person earned him top-100 grades from scouts. Unlike Johnson, TE Tyler Warren hasn’t decided if he will participate nan draft, but he has nan upside of a imaginable NFL starter and would beryllium a invited summation to a lackluster tight extremity class.

Likely top-10 prime LT Olu Fashanu won’t beryllium playing for Penn State, but RT Caedan Wallace (6-5, 337) will. He is simply a imaginable Day 3 pick.

Several Ole Miss prospects are returning to Oxford adjacent season, but separator Cedric Johnson (6-3, 264) is expected to spell pro — he already accepted his Senior Bowl invite. A Mobile, Ala. native, Johnson leads nan Rebels successful sacks (5.5) and has nan magnitude (33 1/8-inch arms) and diversion traits that teams want to develop.



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TransPerfect Music City Bowl (2 p.m., ABC): Auburn vs. Maryland

The Auburn secondary will look a tad different successful this crippled pinch corners D.J. James and Nehemiah Pritchett opting out, but S Jaylin Simpson (5-11, 175) is expected to play arsenic he caps disconnected a profession year. After collecting 4 interceptions successful nan first 5 games, Simpson hasn’t picked disconnected a walk complete nan past 7 — but he has flipped nan communicative connected him pinch scouts and moved from being an afterthought arsenic a imaginable to a imaginable Day 3 pick.

This is simply a bully matchup to scout if you’re looking for information play. Maryland’s Beau Brade (6-0, 201) is considered by respective scouts to beryllium nan apical elder imaginable astatine that position aft Minnesota’s Tyler Nubin. Brade will get a tad overaggressive astatine times, but he is simply a physical, face-up tackler who plays bigger than he looks. After starring nan Terps successful tackles past season, he is again astatine nan apical of nan stat expanse (72 stops successful nan regular season).

Capital One Orange Bowl (4 p.m., ESPN): Georgia vs. Florida State

Florida State was deed difficult by opt outs — nary Keon Coleman, Jared Verse, Trey Benson, Jaheim Bell, Fabien Lovett Sr. aliases Johnny Wilson. One of nan Seminoles’ 2024 prospects expected to play is DT Braden Fiske (6-5, 295), who transferred to Tallahassee for his sixth play and took his crippled to different level. He creates vertical displacement disconnected nan threat owed to his get-off and earthy power, and his centrifugal ne'er shuts down — which leads straight to production.

Some successful nan media for illustration Georgia halfway Sedrick Van Pran (6-4, 315) arsenic an NFL imaginable overmuch much than scouts. Nonetheless, nan New Orleans autochthonal has pro-starter imaginable successful nan correct scheme. Van Pran has started 43 consecutive games astatine halfway for nan Bulldogs and shows capable post-snap activity skills. He doesn’t person agelong arms, which leaves him lunging and hunched astatine nan waist astatine times, but his lower-body spot helps him anchor and create movement. Fiske vs. Van Pran will beryllium a nosy matchup.

Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl (4:30 p.m., CW Network): Toledo vs. Wyoming

Toledo is expected to beryllium without imaginable top-50 draught prime CB Quinyon Mitchell, but location is different morganatic pro imaginable successful nan secondary: information Maxen Hook (6-1, 207). The squad leader pinch 3 interceptions, he is an outstanding jock pinch nan modulation quickness and straight-line velocity to screen a batch of ground. Hook is besides 3rd connected nan squad successful tackles and breaks down good successful space.

The important imaginable to watch for Wyoming is LB Easton Gibbs (6-0, 232), who is looking to travel successful nan footsteps of Logan Wilson and Chad Muma, 2 Wyoming products turned NFL starting linebackers. Gibbs won’t beryllium a apical tester astatine nan combine, but his read-react skills and instincts thief him play faster than his timed speed. A precocious schoolhouse safety, he besides has nan intangibles that will endear him to NFL coaches, making him a imaginable draught pick.

Editor’s note: The pursuing vessel games person been completed.

Friday, Dec. 29

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl (Noon, ESPN): Clemson vs. Kentucky

Clemson was deed by respective opt-outs and transfers, but RB Will Shipley is readying to play (scouts expect it to beryllium his last crippled earlier he declares for nan NFL). He isn’t a home-run hitter but offers a well-balanced operation of athleticism and physicality. More importantly, Shipley is well-liked by scouts, because of what he offers connected passing downs arsenic some a move surface target and a blocker who tin region rushers from their feet.

This will beryllium a bully crippled to watch if your squad needs a mid-round moving back, because Kentucky RB Ray Davis deserves your attention, arsenic well. Aside from having a chaotic travel to get this far, he has boosted his draught banal each season, including a career-best capacity vs. Florida — possibly nan champion moving backmost portion successful this cycle. Davis runs pinch quick, controlled feet and nan imagination to spot a fewer moves ahead.

.@Ray_Davis07 takes it 37-yards for nan spell up TOUCHDOWN.

— Kentucky Football (@UKFootball) November 25, 2023

Tony nan Tiger Sun Bowl (2 p.m., CBS): Oregon State vs. Notre Dame

With Oregon State’s apical imaginable (RT Taliese Fuaga) opting out, S Kitan Oladapo (6-2, 214) is nan imaginable I’m astir willing to see. He is 1 of nan amended run-defending safeties successful nan 2024 draught people but besides tin make plays successful sum (see: his Stanford tape). Oladapo is simply a erstwhile cornerback and does a awesome occupation reference way combinations to aggressively onslaught plays.

Notre Dame is besides dealing pinch plentifulness of opt-outs (QB Sam Hartman, RB Audric Estime, etc.), but separator Javontae Jean-Baptiste (6-5, 250) will effort to  return advantage of nan opportunity. The Ohio State transportation wasn’t ascendant successful 2023, but he was a coagulated starter for nan Irish, making plays against some nan walk and run. Jean-Baptiste plays difficult and has capable upfield quickness and pursuit velocity to beryllium a rotational subordinate successful nan NFL.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl (3:30 p.m., ESPN): Memphis vs. Iowa State

A transportation from Old Dominion, RB Blake Watson (5-10, 198) was 1 of only 2 FBS moving backs this play to scope 1,000 rushing yards and 14 rushing touchdowns contempt having less than 180 carries. A quick-footed athlete, Watson has nan patience to group up his blocks and nan crisp cutting skills to create for himself. He is besides 1 of only 2 moving backs pinch 50-plus catches successful 2023 (Oregon’s Bucky Irving is nan other), and his pass-catching skills will thief his chances of becoming an NFL change-of-pace option.

One of nan amended elder cornerbacks successful this draught class, Iowa State’s T.J. Tampa (6-1, 198) has respective traits that will construe good to nan pro game. With his size and magnitude (32 1/2-inch arms), Tampa has terrific velocity and lower-body detonation — which isn’t a astonishment considering he comes from a hoops family. He is instinctive, particularly successful zone, and plays pinch physicality downhill versus nan run. I’ve heard grades connected Tampa from NFL scouts ranging anyplace betwixt nan 2nd and 4th rounds.



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Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic (8 p.m., ESPN): Missouri vs. Ohio State

My favourite matchup of nan non-playoff games will beryllium erstwhile Ohio State CB Denzel Burke (6-1, 190) lines up against sophomore WR Luther Burden III, who is simply a projected first-rounder for nan 2025 draught class. Burke is speedy to publication and thrust connected throws successful beforehand of him, and he’s besides capable to flip and screen deep. Considered a imaginable top-50 draught pick, Burke has yet to denote if he will state aliases return to Columbus for his elder season.

Missouri has a brace of absorbing cornerback prospects: Ennis Rakestraw Jr. (6-0, 175) and Kris Abrams-Draine (5-11, 175), though Rakestraw will miss nan crippled because of injury. The NFL grades connected some players are successful nan third-to-fifth-round range, and neither has perfect size aliases elite speed. Abrams-Draine has a knack for timing and disrupting nan drawback point.

Thursday, Dec. 28

Wasabi Fenway Bowl (11 a.m., ESPN): SMU vs. Boston College

After 5 seasons astatine Miami, DT Jordan Miller (6-2, 309) transferred to SMU and has helped nan programme to 11 wins this season. The Mustangs brought Miller complete to thief extremity nan run, and that’s precisely what he’s done — SMU has improved from 119th successful nan state successful tally defense past play to 18th successful 2023. Miller has nan short-area footwork and point-of-attack leverage to clasp his ground.

Boston College’s apical 2 prospects successful this people are RG Christian Mahogany and CB Elijah Jones, but scouts don’t expect to spot either successful this game. So LG Kyle Hergel (6-2, 316) could tie immoderate attention. After starting his assemblage profession astatine North Dakota, past transferring to Texas State, Hergel moved again and has started each 12 games astatine near defender for Boston College this season. He doesn’t guidelines retired successful immoderate 1 area, but he is well-rounded pinch capable quickness and powerfulness to compete for an NFL roster spot successful nan summer.

Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl (2:15 p.m., ESPN): Rutgers vs. Miami

With CB Max Melton improbable to play and respective seniors returning to Rutgers for 2024, location aren’t galore Scarlet Knights prospects to watch successful this year’s class. WR JaQuae Jackson (6-1, 181) could beryllium connected immoderate radars, though. With 22 catches for 361 yards and 1 touchdown successful 2023, Jackson’s accumulation doesn’t jump out, but nan erstwhile Division II All-American has nan velocity and diversion traits that will get him noticed passim nan draught process.

The second-leading receiver successful nan ACC this season, Miami WR Xavier Restrepo (5-10, 195) needs conscionable 5 catches successful this crippled to group a caller single-season schoolhouse record. Though undersized pinch mean speed, Restrepo uses gait and way instincts to create passing windows for nan quarterback. His catch-point skills are what will springiness him a chance to instrumentality successful nan NFL, arsenic he shows nan attraction and assemblage power to decorativeness consistently.

Pop-Tarts Bowl (5:45 p.m., ESPN) NC State vs. Kansas State

A four-year starter, LG Cooper Beebe (6-3, 331) is “Mr. Kansas State,” truthful location was ne'er a chance of him opting retired of 1 past chance to suit up pinch his teammates. Despite his deficiency of length, Beebe plays wide and controlled to summation due position and beryllium down successful walk protection. He has logged snaps astatine each violative statement position different than halfway and projects arsenic a high-floor NFL prospect.

NC State has a fewer notable NFL prospects connected its violative statement arsenic well, including halfway Dylan McMahon (6-3, 295), who has acquisition astatine each 3 interior statement spots. Consistency has been somewhat of an rumor for him this play — for nan good, spot his Marshall tape; for nan bad, spot his Notre Dame tape. However, McMahon is simply a coagulated jock pinch nan reflector quickness and betterment skills to clasp his ain successful walk protection.

Valero Alamo Bowl (9:15 p.m., ESPN): Arizona vs. Oklahoma

A speedy, undersized prospect, Arizona WR Jacob Cowing (5-8, 157) mightiness person nan Tank Dell bump this draught play and get into nan top-100 range. The team’s starring receiver, Cowing is simply a way jock who tin debar property and displacement gears mid-route to create pockets of separation retired of his breaks. Cowing is much of an underneath target (he’s averaging 8.4 yards per drawback successful 2023), though I expected to spot much missed tackles connected his tape.

The Oklahoma violative statement will beryllium missing its apical 2 NFL prospects: early first-rounder Tyler Guyton and imaginable mid-round halfway Andrew Raym. However, LT Walter Rouse (6-6, 315) will effort to put 1 much beardown capacity connected tape. The Stanford transportation was graded arsenic a free-agent imaginable complete nan summertime by scouts, but he moved to Norman for nan 2023 play and has helped his chances of sneaking into nan precocious rounds.

Wednesday, Dec. 27

Military Bowl (2 p.m., ESPN): Virginia Tech vs. Tulane

Virginia Tech mightiness person respective early draught picks connected its roster (including a fewer successful nan wide receiver room alone). I’m not judge immoderate of them will beryllium successful nan 2024 NFL Draft, though LB Alan Tisdale (6-1, 227) has a fighting chance. Now successful his 4th play arsenic a starter, nan Greensboro, N.C. autochthonal is an mean size/speed athlete, but he is simply a smart, disciplined subordinate who squares and finishes arsenic a tackler.

Tulane has been decimated by opt-outs, including respective draftable players for illustration QB Michael Pratt and WR Jha’Quan Jackson. One subordinate who’s expected to suit up, though, is LSU transportation Cameron Wire (6-5, 298), a near tackle who spent 5 seasons successful Baton Rouge earlier moving to Tulane for nan 2023 season. He has workable magnitude and flashes detonation retired of his stance that allows him to get into due position. Wire is nan type of talent worthy inviting to an NFL campy to spot if he tin beryllium anything.

Duke’s Mayo Bowl (5:30 p.m., ESPN): North Carolina vs. West Virginia

I don’t deliberation anyone expected QB Drake Maye to play successful this game, but nan Tar Heels besides will beryllium down a fewer borderline top-100 picks — WR Devontez Walker and LB Cedric Gray, among others, opted out. DT Myles Murphy (6-5, 308), however, hasn’t missed a crippled during his 4 seasons successful Chapel Hill and wasn’t astir to commencement now. He isn’t nan astir technically proficient, but Murphy moves good for his size pinch nan magnitude and popular astatine interaction worthy drafting connected Day 3 and developing.

West Virginia mislaid its apical NFL prospect, Zach Frazier, to a limb wounded successful nan play finale, but CB Beanie Bishop Jr. (5-10, 180) will beryllium connected nan field. The nation’s leader successful passes defended (24), Bishop played 4 seasons astatine Western Kentucky, spent 2022 astatine Minnesota and now is having a profession twelvemonth for nan Mountaineers. Despite being undersized, his velocity and screen instincts will springiness him a chance to beryllium drafted connected Day 3.

DirecTV Holiday Bowl (8 p.m., FOX): Louisville vs. USC

As expected, USC QB Caleb Williams has played his last assemblage game. And connected apical of being down nan imaginable No. 1 pick, USC besides will beryllium without respective cardinal violative playmakers (and apt early draught picks successful April), including RB MarShawn Lloyd and WR Brenden Rice. But 1 of nan fewer agleam spots connected nan Trojans’ defense this play has been free information Calen Bullock (6-2, 195), who’s expected to play Wednesday. A existent centerfield prospect, Bullock tin make plays connected nan backend, lucifer wrong verticals and show disconnected his scope from different alignments.

.@CalenBullock to nan house!

📺: @CFBonFOX

— USC Football ✌️ (@uscfb) October 22, 2023

Louisville will beryllium without respective cardinal violative weapons, too, for illustration RB Jawhar Jordan and WR Jamari Thrash. The Cardinals do person a talented protect backmost worthy watching, however: CB Quincy Riley (5-11, 182), a Middle Tennessee transportation who tin alert (100-meter authorities champion successful precocious school) and has nan nimble feet to enactment attached mid-route. He tin modulation pinch his feet, alternatively than his hands, and takes advantage of mistakes thrown his way. Riley is 1 of nan much underrated elder corners successful this draught class.

TaxAct Texas Bowl (9 p.m., ESPN): Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

Most of Texas A&M’s cardinal 2024 draught prospects won’t beryllium playing, either owed to opt-out aliases injury. One who will is five-year starter Demani Richardson (6-1, 214), nan Van Wilder of nan Aggies’ protect backs pinch 55 starts successful College Station. Well-built and physical, he is simply a unit moving top-down pinch nan onslaught skills to unafraid and decorativeness tackles. Richardson tin beryllium drawn retired of position by nan offense, but he shows NFL traits erstwhile he stays disciplined.

After 5 years astatine Tulsa, DE Anthony Goodlow (6-4, 281) transferred to Oklahoma State for his last play successful 2023 and has proven to beryllium a dependable player, particularly against nan run. He isn’t explosive and is much of a tweener connected nan protect line, but Goodlow plays stout astatine nan constituent of onslaught pinch nan lateral quickness and shot instincts to take sides aggregate gaps. He is projected to beryllium an undrafted free agent.

Tuesday, Dec. 26

Quick Lane Bowl (2 p.m., ESPN): Bowling Green vs. Minnesota

Bowling Green boasted 1 of nan much underrated prospects successful past year’s class, Karl Brooks, but its elder people this twelvemonth is beautiful ray successful position of imaginable NFL talent. LB Darren Anders (5-11, 228) has an mean size/speed floor plan that will disqualify him for respective teams, but he consistently showed up connected portion and nan stat sheet. The squad leader successful tackles (82) and tackles for nonaccomplishment (10.5), Anders fills pinch physicality and a radar for nan football.

For Minnesota, if S Tyler Nubin (6-2, 206) plays, location will beryllium nary statement astir nan champion NFL imaginable successful this game. The fifth-year elder is simply a well-balanced defender who tin align adjacent nan container aliases arsenic a single-high information and make plays connected nan ball. Nubin was considered a imaginable Day 2 draught prime past year, but he returned for nan 2023 play and mightiness beryllium nan favourite to beryllium nan first information selected successful April.

SERVPRO First Responder Bowl (5:30 p.m., ESPN): Texas State vs. Rice

The boy of Ed and relative of Christian, Rice WR Luke McCaffrey (6-2, 200) is nan youngest of nan McCaffrey clan. He was chiefly a backmost his first 3 assemblage seasons — initially astatine Nebraska, past for nan Owls. McCaffery is outstanding connected contested throws, which is simply a double-edged sword, because he is simply a beardown finisher done interaction but doesn’t create a ton of separation. His capacity successful nan regular-season finale (12 catches for 141 yards) helped Rice unafraid vessel eligibility for nan first clip successful almost a decade.

That's nan 10th TD of nan play for @mccaffrey_luke, and 16th of his career! 💪

— Rice Football (@RiceFootball) November 12, 2023

The apical screen defender for Texas State is astir apt its apical prospect, too. CB Kaleb Ford-Dement (5-11, 192) has played a batch of assemblage football, initially astatine Kilgore (Texas) College, past astatine Washington State earlier transferring to Texas State for 2023. He’s had immoderate reliable moments (see: nan opener vs. Baylor) but besides has made respective plays and leads nan squad successful passes defended (nine) and interceptions (two).

Guaranteed Rate Bowl (9 p.m., ESPN): Kansas vs. UNLV

This draught people desperately needs a fewer safeties to look during nan process, and Kansas’ Kenny Logan Jr. (5-11, 214) is simply a campaigner to beryllium one. Not only is he finishing his 4th twelvemonth arsenic a starter, Logan has led nan Jayhawks successful tackles each 4 seasons. Despite immoderate missteps successful coverage, he has shown cardinal improvements from his inferior tape.

Another information to watch successful this crippled is UNLV’s Jaxen Turner (6-0, 199), who started his assemblage profession astatine Arizona earlier transferring to nan Rebels for his last assemblage season. His portion is littered pinch missed tackles and lapses successful coverage, but nan roller-coaster capacity besides includes immoderate highlights, including six forced turnovers (four interceptions, 2 forced fumbles) this season. He is simply a priority-free-agent imaginable looking to beryllium himself.

Saturday, Dec. 23

Birmingham Bowl (Noon, ABC): Troy vs. Duke

The FBS leader successful sacks, separator Javon Solomon (6-foot-2, 240 pounds) is undersized and won’t beryllium a fresh for each strategy astatine nan adjacent level. But Solomon, who precocious accepted his Senior Bowl invite, does a awesome occupation maneuvering his assemblage pinch eager hands to get astir blockers. His 16.0 sacks this play group a Sun Belt Conference record. He besides tied Osi Umenyiora’s single-game schoolhouse grounds pinch 4.0 sacks earlier this season.

The @seniorbowl is looking unrecorded astatine Troy vs. South Alabama. @TroyTrojansFB EDGE Javon Solomon is spot of a ‘tweener for adjacent level but we’ve spoken to galore NFL scouts that person draftable grades connected him (and truthful do we). Plays mostly 4i-tech for Trojans but will beryllium standup subordinate on…

— Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) November 3, 2023

With Duke LT Graham Barton headed to nan NFL and QB Riley Leonard and DE R.J. Oben now astatine Notre Dame, nan eyes of scouts will beryllium focused connected DT DeWayne Carter (6-3, 309). His stats aren’t each that awesome this play (39 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.0 sack), but his portion (especially against Notre Dame) shows a subordinate who uses his 34-inch arms to disrupt nan pouch successful different ways.

Camellia Bowl (Noon, ESPN): Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

Arkansas State hasn’t produced a draught prime successful almost a decade, and nan programme is not expected to beryllium represented successful nan 2024 NFL Draft class. That said, separator Thurman Geathers (6-3, 230) has a chance to get noticed erstwhile he’s successful an NFL camp. A transportation from Louisville, Geathers has conscionable 3.5 sacks this season, but you saw No. 92 creating disruption successful nan pouch immoderate clip you put connected nan Arkansas State tape.

Now successful his seventh play successful college, Northern Illinois QB Rocky Lombardi hasn’t had nan 2023 he needed to perchance beryllium a late-round draught prime (his medicals besides apt will beryllium an issue). But nan Michigan State transportation is well-built (6-4, 225) pinch capable mobility and admirable toughness to gain him looks by NFL teams.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl (3:30 p.m., ABC): James Madison vs. Air Force

Before this season, James Madison separator Jalen Green (6-1, 243) hadn’t put overmuch connected portion for scouts. But that each changed pinch his All-America 2023 capacity (21.0 tackles for nonaccomplishment and 15.5 sacks successful 12 games). Green doesn’t person nan desired measureables for nan position astatine nan adjacent level, but each 32 teams now cognize who he is, which gives him a chance.

Air Force information Trey Taylor (6-1, 208) had mostly “priority free agent” draught grades from NFL teams coming into nan season. Like Green, though, his 2023 portion elevated his stock, and it mightiness put him into draftable territory. Recently named nan Jim Thorpe Award victor arsenic nan nation’s apical protect back, Taylor has 71 tackles and 3 interceptions this season. He features nan size and anticipation to make plays versus nan walk and run.

“I’ll beryllium taking that” – Trey Taylor (probably)

— Air Force Football (@AF_Football) November 18, 2023

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (3:30 p.m., ESPN): Georgia State vs. Utah State

Georgia State has produced conscionable 3 draught picks successful schoolhouse history. If nan programme is to person a 4th successful April, LT Travis Glover (6-6, 330) astir apt has nan champion chance. Now successful his 5th play arsenic a starter (playing some near and correct tackle), Glover has projectable size (6-6 and 330 pounds pinch 34 1/2-inch arms), and his earthy powerfulness gives him a chance to instrumentality arsenic a developmental lineman.

A tackling machine, Utah State LB MJ Tafisi Jr.(6-0, 242) ranks successful nan apical 10 successful nan federation pinch 131 tackles. After starting his profession astatine Washington and past battling injuries past play pinch nan Aggies, he has stayed patient successful 2023 and made plays each complete nan field. Scouts aren’t convinced Tafisi has NFL speed, but his instincts and toughness springiness him a chance to gain his support successful an NFL training camp.

68 Ventures Bowl (7 p.m., ESPN): South Alabama vs. Eastern Michigan

The boy of longtime NFL protect coordinator Gus Bradley, South Alabama QB Carter Bradley (6-3, 217) has produced up-and-down movie this season, but respective scouts are still optimistic for his chances astatine nan adjacent level. A pro-style passer, Bradley has capable limb spot and hit to play connected time, though he must do a amended occupation navigating unit and taking attraction of nan football.

Carter Bradley ➡️ Jamaal Pritchett = different TD ‼️#LEO

— South Alabama Football 🏈 (@SouthAlabamaFB) November 11, 2023

Eastern Michigan had a brace of draught picks past twelvemonth (Sidy Sow and Jose Ramirez), but scouts don’t expect nan schoolhouse to nutrient a draught action successful 2024 class. The productive linebacker tandem of LB Chase Kline (bowl opt-out) and LB Joe Sparacio mightiness beryllium Eastern Michigan’s apical 2 prospects. Sparacio doesn’t person desired size (5-10, 213) aliases speed, but his shot smarts and special-teams imaginable will endear him to pro coaches.

SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl (7:30 p.m., ABC): Utah vs. Northwestern

After starting astatine correct guard, Utah OT/G Sataoa Laumea (6-4, 321) kicked retired to correct tackle, wherever he was been starting nan past 2 seasons. He is speedy retired of his stance and shows a crisp punch successful walk protection to support rushers occupied. Laumea, who has accepted his Senior Bowl invitation, has been much accordant successful nan tally crippled this season, utilizing his beingness hands to create movement. Right now, he is considered a Day 3 prospect.

From Cincinnati to Eastern Michigan, backmost to Cincinnati and past to Northwestern, QB Ben Bryant (6-4, 215) has been well-traveled complete nan past six seasons. His precocious points this twelvemonth (his Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois tapes) person been a reminder why immoderate NFL scouts judge Bryant tin beryllium a late-round prime pinch functional mobility and timing arsenic a passer.

EasyPost Hawai’i Bowl (10:30 p.m., ESPN): Coastal Carolina vs. San Jose State

The all-time starring receiver successful Sun Belt history, Coastal Carolina’s Sam Pinckney (6-3, 219) has caught a walk successful 57 consecutive games — thing nary 1 other has accomplished successful NCAA history. He mightiness not beryllium a burner, but he uses his framework good astatine nan drawback constituent pinch beardown hands and earthy accommodation skills. There is nuance to Pinckney’s crippled that should construe good to nan NFL.

San Jose State QB Chevan Cordeiro (6-0, 186) returns location to Hawaii for his last assemblage game. He held his ain against USC earlier this play (three touchdown passes) and vanished nan play by starring nan Spartans connected a six-game triumph streak. His deficiency of size is an evident concern, and he doesn’t ever thrust nan football. With his toughness and nan measurement he keeps plays alive, though, Cordeiro mightiness beryllium this year’s type of Tyler Huntley arsenic a prospect.

Chevan Cordeiro to Dominick Mazotti for 6!!

Spartans necktie nan crippled 7-7 pinch 14:19 remaining successful nan opening half.

Watch unrecorded connected @cbssportsnet.#ClimbTheMountain | #AllSpartans

— San José State Football (@SanJoseStateFB) November 19, 2023

Friday, Dec. 22

Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl (6:30 p.m., ESPN): Georgia Tech vs. UCF

An Atlanta native, DB Myles Sims (6-3, 182) started retired astatine Michigan earlier transferring backmost location to Georgia Tech. He’s made dependable improvements each season. His 2023 portion shows a subordinate who walks nan good statement betwixt being fierce yet disciplined to publication his keys and connect himself to routes. Most scouts task Sims, a assemblage corner, astatine information because of his physicality.

Sims will beryllium tasked pinch slowing down UCF WR Javon Baker (6-2, 199), 1 of nan amended big-play threats successful assemblage shot (18 receptions of 20-plus yards successful 2023). The Alabama transportation ranks apical 3 successful nan FBS successful yards per drawback (22.5) pinch 83.7 percent of his receptions resulting successful a first down aliases touchdown. The drops tin beryllium frustrating, but he has separation skills and tracks nan shot good downfield. Baker has draftable grades from respective NFL teams.

Thursday, Dec. 21 Boca Raton Bowl (8 p.m., ESPN): South Florida vs. Syracuse

Few prospects successful nan 2024 draught people person nan acquisition of South Florida LT Donovan Jennings (6-4, 330), who is finishing his sixth twelvemonth arsenic nan Bulls’ starting near tackle. His short arms (32 1/2 inches) apt will unit him wrong to defender successful nan NFL, but he has nan hep elasticity and guidance quickness to enactment quadrate arsenic a walk protector and tally blocker. Jennings is simply a borderline draught pick.

A transportation from Dartmouth, CB Isaiah Johnson (6-3, 205) has played good nan past 2 seasons astatine Syracuse. With his ample framework and agelong arms, his size is nan apical trading constituent for teams astatine nan adjacent level. His assemblage tightness shows pinch speedy transitions, but he has terrific thrust quickness and is 1 of nan amended run-defending corners successful nan class. Johnson will request nan correct fresh to instrumentality successful nan NFL.

Tuesday, Dec. 19

Scooter’s Coffee Frisco Bowl (9 p.m., ESPN): UTSA vs. Marshall

Last season, UTSA had 1 of nan champion wide receiver imaginable trios successful nan country. They mislaid De’Corian Clark (major injury) and Zakhari Franklin (transfer) from that group, but Joshua Cephus (6 feet 2, 187 pounds) returned and posted 82 catches for 1,049 yards and 9 touchdowns during nan regular season. A good-sized jock who catches almost everything (one driblet connected 111 targets successful 2023), Cephus is considered a imaginable late-rounder.

Marshall RB Rasheen Ali (5-11, 203) put his sanction connected nan NFL representation pinch a breakout 2021 season. After missing astir of past play because of a knee injury, he eclipsed 1,000 rushing yards again this twelvemonth and is expected to beryllium a Day 3 pick. Ali has terrific plant-and-go quickness to detonate retired of his cuts and prime up chunk yards arsenic some a rusher and receiver.



2024 NFL Draft statement Big Board: Is Marvin Harrison Jr. this year's apical prospect?

Monday, Dec. 18

Famous Toastery Bowl (2:30 p.m., ESPN): Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion

Every draught cycle, location is astatine slightest 1 wide receiver branded nan “next Deebo Samuel,” and nan favoritism this twelvemonth belongs to Western Kentucky WR Malachi Corley (5 feet 11, 211 pounds). Unlike astir years, nan 2024 type of that comparison feels justified, successful position of some play style and accomplishment set. Corley has wide receiver velocity but looks for illustration a move moving backmost aft nan catch, arsenic he breaks tackles pinch physicality and quickness (averaging 9.4 yards aft drawback per reception complete nan past 2 seasons).


Malachi Corley passes Taywan Taylor for nan astir receptions successful WKU Football programme history!#GoTops

— WKU Football (@WKUFootball) November 25, 2023

Old Dominion’s apical prospect, LB Jason Henderson, is retired for this matchup pinch an injury, truthful my eyes will displacement to LB Wayne Matthews III (6-2, 225). Only a redshirt sophomore, Matthews is improbable to state early for this year’s draught — but he collected 121 tackles successful nan regular play and flashed connected portion arsenic a subordinate to watch for nan future.

Saturday, Dec. 16

Myrtle Beach Bowl (11 a.m., ESPN): Georgia Southern vs. Ohio

A erstwhile walk-on successful Columbus, wide receiver Sam Wiglusz (5 feet 11, 180 pounds) recovered himself buried connected Ohio State’s extent floor plan and transferred down nan roadworthy to Ohio, wherever he led nan Bobcats successful receiving successful each of nan past 2 seasons. Working exclusively retired of nan slot, nan elder is simply a speedy possession target who will get tryouts pinch NFL teams.

Considered a imaginable NFL Draft prime by area scouts complete nan summer, Georgia Southern moving backmost Jalen White (6-0, 209) is well-built pinch nan lateral burst to elude tacklers and support plays alive. With his shot skills, scouts are optimistic he tin find a domiciled connected passing downs. The Ohio tally defense ranks No. 1 successful nan MAC and No. 8 successful nan FBS.

Cricket Celebration Bowl (Noon, ABC): Howard vs. Florida A&M

Originally from Ghana, near tackle Anim Dankwah (6-8, 375) picked up shot while increasing up successful Ontario earlier moving to nan United States to play assemblage football. With his size and magnitude (35 5/8-inch arms), he tin artifact retired nan sun, but he isn’t a slug. NFL scouts are excited to spot him successful this crippled and past successful nan East-West Shrine Bowl, wherever he tin unafraid draftable status.

A complete other from Dankwah successful position of size, Florida A&M wide receiver Marcus Riley (5-10, 170) isn’t nan astir intimidating subordinate successful pads, but he tin fly. The Bethune-Cookman transportation tin get down nan secondary, and he besides provides worth arsenic a return man (see: his 96-yard footwear return successful nan play opener).


Opening kickoff is to nan location for Marcus Riley!

FAMU – 7
JSU – 0
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R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl (2:15 p.m., ESPN): Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana

Louisiana has created an violative statement pipeline pinch 3 draught picks complete nan past 4 years (Robert Hunt, Kevin Dotson and Max Mitchell). Left tackle Nathan Thomas (6-5, 333) has a chance to beryllium next. The elder carries his weight good pinch ample hands (10 5/8 inches) and agelong arms (33 5/8 inches), and he has received Day 3 draught grades from respective teams.

Jacksonville State hasn’t had a draught prime successful much than a decade, but elder information Kolbi Fuqua (6-1, 215) has nan attraction of NFL scouts arsenic a imaginable free agent. A erstwhile wide receiver astatine Auburn, he plays a nickel hybrid position for nan Gamecocks and does his champion activity successful nan box, wherever he tin heap up nan tackles (see: his Coastal Carolina tape).

Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl (3:30 p.m., ABC): Miami (Ohio) vs. Appalachian State

A Michigan State transfer, protect backmost Michael Dowell (6-0, 219) has been a productive protect leader successful his 2 seasons pinch Miami (Ohio). Playing a hybrid nickel role, Dowell has earned nan coaches’ spot to play successful nan box, align precocious aliases screen nan slot. With his special-teams inheritance and versatility, Dowell has a changeable to get noticed successful an NFL camp.

Appalachian State’s apical prospect, moving backmost Nate Noel, precocious entered nan portal, truthful my eyes will beryllium connected nan violative statement and correct defender Bucky Williams (6-2, 298). Although Williams won’t wow pinch his size aliases measurables, he has put beardown play connected portion nan past 2 seasons aft transferring from Austin Peay. Williams is simply a beingness mauler pinch nan shot smarts and toughness that will speak to NFL coaches.



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Isleta New Mexico Bowl (5:45 p.m., ESPN): New Mexico State vs. Fresno State

The Conference USA violative subordinate of nan year, New Mexico State backmost Diego Pavia (6-0, 200) has been nosy to watch this season. He has dual-threat skills, and coach Jerry Kill calls him nan “toughest” subordinate he has ever coached. A fourth-year senior, Pavia has yet to denote his intentions for nan 2024 season.

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Fresno State cornerback Carlton Johnson (5-11, 160) was considered a privilege free-agent imaginable complete nan summer, but his three-interception capacity against Arizona State didn’t spell unnoticed by NFL scouts. He was a 10.7-second 100-meter sprinter successful precocious school, and he has nan consciousness to make plays connected nan ball.

LA Bowl (7:30 p.m., ABC): UCLA vs. Boise State

Everyone knows astir UCLA walk rusher Laiatu Latu, a projected top-15 prime successful April. But copy brothers Gabriel and Grayson Murphy are still underrated contempt their pass-rush accumulation this season. The Murphys deficiency perfect magnitude and measurables, but they person timing and burst to sprout gaps and disrupt nan backfield timing. It won’t beryllium a astonishment erstwhile they outplay their draught spots.

Although moving backmost George Holani (5-10, 210) took a backmost spot this play to Ashton Jeanty, who is simply a early draught pick, he still has fans successful nan NFL scouting organization because he is simply a well-rounded back. He isn’t a twitchy jock but runs pinch interaction balance, imagination and physicality. Dependability is besides a facet because Holani doesn’t fumble and tin beryllium trusted connected passing downs. Holani is simply a imaginable late-rounder.



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Independence Bowl (9:15 p.m., ESPN): Cal vs. Texas Tech

After putting his sanction connected nan NFL radar astatine San Diego State, information Patrick McMorris (6-0, 208) transferred to Cal for his last play successful 2023 and quickly made his mark. He astir apt won’t tally a blazing 40-yard dash, but he moves pinch speedy feet and a competitory urgency that leads him to nan football. McMorris, whose lone interception this play came disconnected Oregon’s Bo Nix, is successful nan late-round mix.

Texas Tech produced 1 of nan astir physically imposing players successful past year’s draught (Tyree Wilson) and will do it again this twelvemonth pinch protect lineman Myles Cole (6-6, 280), who is astir apt nan longest subordinate successful this people (36 7/8-inch arms, 87-inch wingspan). A Shreveport, La., native, Cole will beryllium enjoying a homecoming for this game. He’s still earthy but offers nan versatility and traits that could get him drafted.

(Photo of Braden Fiske: Isaiah Vazquez / Getty Images)

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