Scouting Yoshinobu Yamamoto: Why the Dodgers think he’ll succeed in MLB

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LOS ANGELES — As Yoshinobu Yamamoto slid into his caller azygous for nan first time, his bluish vest popping underneath nan crisp Los Angeles Dodgers location whites, it was a coronation: 1 for nan statement that coveted him for years, and 1 for nan 25-year-old Japanese right-hander who inked nan richest statement for a pitcher successful shot history earlier he’d moreover thrown a transportation successful nan awesome leagues.

The grounds statement and his robust marketplace were an denotation that nan Dodgers’ bullish sentiment of him was a shared one. His way grounds of power successful his autochthonal state was good documented. His property provided a unsocial opportunity. And arsenic his caller nine officially introduced him Wednesday, nan man who saw him arsenic overmuch arsenic anyone successful nan statement was seated successful nan beforehand row.

Galen Carr, nan Dodgers’ vice president of subordinate personnel, was acold from nan only personification who watched Yamamoto transportation past season. President of shot operations Andrew Friedman and wide head Brandon Gomes each took treks to Osaka, Japan, to witnesser this offseason’s latest prize successful personification pinch nan Orix Buffaloes, pinch Gomes raving astir nan acquisition of watching Yamamoto’s intricacies successful real-time. Jon Deeble, nan club’s head of scouting successful nan Pacific Rim, made his stock of trips. So excessively did nan club’s Pacific Rim adviser, Yogo Suzuki, and pro scout Jason Lynn. Even head Dave Roberts spent overmuch of nan club’s recruitment of Yamamoto poring complete video (as did plentifulness of different staffers). One of nan club’s catchers, Austin Barnes, has already seen Yamamoto arsenic good — he faced him during nan World Baseball Classic successful March. Yet it was Carr, who has seen Yamamoto an estimated 16 times complete nan past fewer seasons, who saw him nan most, and who drew rave reviews from Gomes, Roberts and others.

“He’s been doing what he’s been doing for rather a while,” Carr said successful a speech pinch The Athletic connected Thursday, noting a sterling way grounds that has seen Yamamoto return location nan Sawamura Award (Nippon Professional Baseball’s balanced to nan Cy Young Award) 3 consecutive times. “Ever since he collapsed successful astatine nan apical level of Japan, he’s fundamentally been lights-out.”

That includes a 1.72 profession ERA successful 188 appearances successful Japan, a tally that firmly planted him connected nan radar for respective of baseball’s deepest-pocketed clubs and puts together a compelling statement for what he tin execute next. He’ll beryllium paid $325 cardinal complete nan adjacent 12 years to beryllium it, a sizable finance for a Dodgers statement that typically has mitigated risk.

Given what they’ve seen, it’s 1 they’re consenting to take.

Carr pointed to Yamamoto’s adaptability, including a astonishment successful nan outpouring erstwhile respective members of nan Dodgers’ brass arrived to Samurai Japan’s training campy successful Miyazaki only to find Yamamoto had drastically altered his delivery, tamping down his limb footwear successful favour of a descent measurement to thief power nan moving crippled and abbreviate his activity toward nan plate. To do truthful aft immoderate measurement of success, Carr said, is “really rare.” To do truthful aft dominating nan league, and spell retired and put together an moreover amended 2023?

Yoshinobu Yamamoto's Mechanics (with Stop Motion)

— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) December 18, 2023

“It’s singular what he was capable to do,” Carr said, a consummation not conscionable of nan expertise to retrain his assemblage but nan positions he tin repetition moreover pinch his 5-foot-10 frame.

That is adapted and maintained by nan teachings of a Japanese expert, Yata Sensei, who will travel Yamamoto to his caller location successful Los Angeles, said Yamamoto’s agent, Joel Wolfe. The training methods halfway connected “breathing, flexibility, yoga and halfway training,” Wolfe said, and see an array of exercises that halfway much connected miniature shot balls and javelins than they do lifting weights. Carr, and different nine personnel, turned visits to Osaka into opportunities to inquire and to study much astir those methods, arsenic well.

“One of nan important things that stood retired to america was, everything he’s doing is not that accepted arsenic acold arsenic our knowing of training methods for our athletics we activity in, but evidently nan results speak for themselves,” Carr said. “I deliberation pinch respect to wounded rates and really galore pitchers extremity up breaking down stateside, I don’t deliberation anyone successful Major League Baseball would opportunity that we person training methods for pitchers figured out.”

It surely has translated into a repeatable transportation and an arsenal that, arsenic The Athletic’s Eno Sarris broke down, rivals immoderate of nan champion successful nan athletics and whose underlying information has been meticulously pored through. There remains an adjustment to nan MLB ball, which lacks immoderate of nan tack that enhances nan grip connected nan NPB 1 Yamamoto has gotten utilized to, though nan right-hander utilized a akin shot during this year’s WBC. The Dodgers whitethorn person to set their plans immoderate to thief Yamamoto acclimate his schedule aft pitching erstwhile a week successful Japan. While Gomes said Thursday it’s uncertain whether nan nine will adopt a six-man rotation, only 5 clubs successful shot person had starters spell connected other remainder much often than nan Dodgers since Friedman took over. If this arsenal tin beryllium retained, it’s a move five-pitch operation that involves what Gomes called “truly special” command. And he knows really to usage it, arsenic Carr noted successful respective starts that Yamamoto’s sequencing helped mitigate nan uncommon problem he did find himself successful astatine pockets past season. That, paired pinch nan Dodgers’ crippled planning, could construe into contiguous results, Carr said.

The Dodgers are buying into a 12-year outlay not conscionable for what he is, but what he tin be. The options are tantalizing, and nan consequence is great. He has been nan taxable of nan organization’s adoration for years, nan type of finance that nan nine would’ve pushed for moreover earlier they started a way down a record-setting offseason. His specified beingness has helped displacement nan early of a Dodgers rotation that possesses talent, yet plentifulness of uncertainty. The nine is positioned to return this on.

So excessively is Yamamoto, says nan man who has watched him much than anyone successful his caller organization.

“He’s conscionable an exceptional jock and his earthy worldly crossed nan committee is exceptional,” Carr said. “And there’s nary different measurement to picture it. … We evidently weren’t nan only ones that felt that measurement wrong our industry.

“It’s benignant of for illustration really you tie it up.”

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