Suns, Chris Paul exploring options, including trade or waive: Sources

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By Shams Charania, Doug Haller and John Hollinger

The Phoenix Suns person notified Chris Paul that they intend to find a solution this offseason that fits nan seasoned prima and nan Suns organization, which could see parting ways, convention sources show The Athletic.

The Suns and Paul are exploring aggregate options, convention sources show The Athletic, including a trade, waiving and stretching his statement complete aggregate years, aliases waiving and perchance re-resigning him successful free agency.

The Suns had first discussions Wednesday pinch Paul’s agent, Steven Heumann of CAA Sports, and explained that they would beryllium exploring each options.

Bleacher Report first reported nan news that nan Suns reached retired to Paul astir their plans.

The Suns person a June 28 guarantee deadline connected Paul’s $30.8 cardinal contract. Roughly $15 cardinal is guaranteed.

The Athletic’s instant analysis:

How Suns, Paul sewage here

The past Phoenix media saw of Paul came nan time aft nan Suns were eliminated successful nan convention semifinals, during subordinate exit interviews astatine nan organization’s believe facility. As adjunct coaches chatted astatine 1 end, Paul grabbed a hoops and started his emblematic workout. Earlier, Paul had made it clear that his profession is not over.

“I’ve been successful this NBA a batch longer than immoderate of nan group who person been covering it,’’ Paul said. “I retrieve erstwhile nan games ended successful 85-80 scores. I don’t talk astir it excessively much, but I cognize this crippled conscionable astir amended than anybody. I put that up against anybody. That’s what’s not going to change, my knowledge of nan game, and I’m going to support putting successful nan work.”

Paul is nary longer an NBA All-Star. And pinch his assemblage breaking down successful nan postseason, location are legit questions astir his dependability. But he still tin thief nan Suns (or immoderate different contender). If Phoenix cannot waste and acquisition him, waiving and re-signing him makes sense, provided Paul is consenting to return little money. After Paul injured his groin successful nan semifinals, nan Suns missed his activity and presence. Those qualities won’t beryllium easy to replace. – Haller

What should Phoenix do?

The 1 point that is crystal clear is that waiving Paul would make perfectly nary sense; nan Suns would extremity up paying him $15.8 cardinal to play for nan Lakers and wouldn’t make capable headdress room to motion anyone better.

Waiving Paul and utilizing nan agelong proviso connected him would still time off nan Suns supra nan net cap, and pinch conscionable 5 players nether statement for adjacent season. The Suns could usage their non-taxpayer midlevel objection and biannual objection but would beryllium improbable to find players anyplace adjacent arsenic bully arsenic Paul successful those net slots.

Moreover, moreover astatine his precocious age, Paul has a BORD$ projection for 2023-24 that has him worthy $36.8 cardinal — making his statement a nett worth for nan Suns and making it look moreover much perplexing that they mightiness trim it.

Meanwhile, moreover leaking this anticipation apt robs nan Suns of immoderate leverage successful a imaginable Paul trade.

Finally, if nan Suns wanted to clear room beneath nan luxury taxation aprons and were incapable to put together trades involving Paul aliases Deandre Ayton, a amended replacement would beryllium to waive Landry Shamet and usage nan agelong proviso to dispersed his $10.2 cardinal net complete 7 years. Doing truthful would trim $8.8 cardinal from nan Suns’ headdress sheet. — Hollinger


Paul, 38, spent nan past 3 years pinch Phoenix, helping lead nan Suns to nan 2021 NBA Finals. This postseason, he missed nan last 4 games of nan Suns’ playoff tally arsenic he dealt pinch a groin injury. Phoenix’s play ended pinch a 125-100 Game 6 blowout nonaccomplishment to Denver successful nan Western Conference semifinals.

Following nan exit, coach Monty Williams was fired and replaced pinch Frank Vogel, who joined nan squad Friday.

A 12-time All-Star and a personnel of nan NBA 75th Anniversary Team, Paul averaged a career-low 13.9 points to spell on pinch 8.9 assists and 1.5 steals per crippled successful 59 contests past season. He holds profession averages of 17.9 points, 9.5 assists, 4.5 rebounds and 2.1 steals per game.

The 2006 NBA Rookie of nan Year has been selected to 11 All-NBA teams, 9 All-Defensive teams, led nan convention successful steals six times and successful assists 5 times. He ranks 3rd successful NBA history successful some steals and assists.

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