Texas star guard Rori Harmon to miss rest of season with torn ACL

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Texas prima Rori Harmon will miss nan remainder of nan play pinch a torn ACL successful her correct knee, nan school announced Friday.

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Harmon, a inferior defender connected nan undefeated No. 5 Longhorns, said successful a connection posted connected X, formerly Twitter, she suffered a non-contact wounded during Wednesday’s practice. She did not play successful Texas’ 45-point triumph complete Jackson State connected Wednesday, and her announcement comes connected nan eve of nan Longhorns’ Big-12 opener connected Saturday against No. 10 Baylor, who is besides undefeated.

“We are heartbroken for Rori and our thoughts and prayers are pinch her and her family during this difficult time,” coach Vic Schaefer said successful a statement. “She has worked truthful difficult to go successful my sentiment nan champion defender successful nan country, an All-American. It is difficult to spot a young personification spell done this. It is genuinely devastating. My bosom is crushed for her. But this I cognize astir Rori, she will onslaught this for illustration she does each practice, each crippled and she will beryllium backmost to her aged aforesaid successful nary time.”

Harmon is nan motor for nan Longhorns and has developed into possibly nan apical constituent defender successful nan country. Earlier this season, Schaefer told The Athletic that Harmon “dictates tempo connected defense, she dictates tempo connected offense, she runs our squad — nan kid does much than anybody.”

“Lots of players tin play connected 1 extremity and moreover play connected nan half tribunal connected nan other, but what this kid does (is) … conscionable incredible,” he said.

Texas’ offense, which is successful nan 99th percentile nationally, is amended pinch her connected nan tribunal and plays astatine a faster gait arsenic well. Its defense is much than 15 points per 100 possessions amended pinch nan inferior defender connected nan level than disconnected of it, according to CBB Analytics. Harmon was named to some nan Big-12’s all-conference and All-Defense teams successful her first 2 collegiate seasons. She was named nan Big-12’s Defensive Player of nan Year past year.

Coming into her inferior season, Harmon focused connected her beingness fitness. She told The Athletic that she felt for illustration a “different personification now” — leaner, stronger and faster than ever before. She had been averaging career-highs successful points (14.1), assists (7.8), rebounds (5.6) and steals (3.1) per game, earlier suffering nan injury. Her assistance full is 2nd nationally and she leads nan state successful assists-to-turnover ratio, astatine 6.64.

In her post, Harmon said she was “heartbroken” that she won’t beryllium capable to play for nan remainder of nan season. “But I’m going to support them and beryllium nan champion teammate I tin be,” she added. “We person large goals for this play and those are not going to change.”

Texas has an knowledgeable roster, pinch six of its apical 9 players being juniors aliases seniors. Senior defender Shay Holle made her first commencement of nan play Wednesday successful Harmon’s absence. Sixth-year elder defender Shaylee Gonzales besides took connected a superior constituent defender domiciled erstwhile Harmon missed 5 games past season.

The Longhorns’ 13-0 commencement is nan school’s champion since nan 2015-16 season, erstwhile they started 16-0. Tipoff for Saturday’s convention opener is group for 2 p.m. ET. 

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