Tips for hosting a smashing New Year party at home

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To prepare the house for any party, including a new year’s party, home owners should first thoroughly rid their homes of dust. Once this is done, you can spruce up the house with a few easy steps. Although the home may not be laid out for entertaining guests daily, one can always rearrange the furniture, to make it more party-friendly.

First and foremost, perk up your living space. The living room is a space, where we spend most of our time entertaining our guests. “Placement of furniture, a focal point that serves to catch one’s attention, statement pieces, furnishings that complement the décor and perfect lighting, are some of the crucial factors that need your attention,” suggests Mahesh M, CEO, Ishanya and Housl!fe, Pune.


Lighting up your home for a new year party

Lighting plays a crucial role in the décor for a party, agrees Lekha Gupta, senior architect, L.A.B. (Language Architecture Body).

“Put some coloured sheer cloth on lamps, to create mood lighting. Twinkling fairy lights can be used to add some sparkle. Stuff mirchi lights in coloured bottles or lanterns, especially red ones and place them around the house. For late hours, you can add stylish night lamps,” Gupta suggests.


Furnishing and seating for entertaining guests

Eclectic drapes and furnishings, with a splash of colours, can enliven the home. Choose complementing colours, to create an inviting feel. “Buy some bright cushion covers, as you can use them whenever you have guests. Also large cushions can double-up as easy seating options. You can also toss in a throw on your sofa, to add some colour,” adds Gupta.

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Accessories, such as interesting artifacts, lamps and artwork, can make a lot of difference and add to the aesthetic appeal of the home.

You can also decorate the entrance of the house, by arranging a dozen red roses in a flat container, along with lights all around the container.


Menu for a house party

Plan your menu in advance, right from the starters and main course, to the desserts that you will serve. Try some creative garnishing and unique presentation of snacks and drinks. Regardless of the theme, one should have an elegant table decoration.

“For any table decoration for a feast, the presence of a celebratory centre piece is a must. A classy crystal or an enchanting centerpiece, can add a glamorous touch to the décor, along with candles and a bouquet of fresh flowers,” advises Mahesh.


Entertainment options for a party

Ensure that you have a good selection of music in advance. “To host a memorable evening, get some games like Pictionary, or pin the donkey, or even Housie. Games will help the guests to mingle and interact with each other. You can also set up a photo corner. The backdrop can be a bright blanket, with hanging string lights on either side. You can also add props like wigs, moustache, etc., to this space to help the guests to capture some fond memories,” says Gupta.


Points to consider, while hosting a house party

  • The seating options should be comfortable and also stylish.
  • Use a subtle coloured table cloth that does not overpower the crockery. Sparkling dinnerware and coloured glassware are perfect for celebrations.
  • Add folded napkins and bowls filled with coloured sweets on the dessert table.
  • If you have a money plant on a moss stick, dress it up with fairy lights and keep it indoors.
  • Ensure your home smells fresh with Potpourri, reed diffusers and fragrant oils. You can use vaporisers for citrus scents and vanilla-scented candles, to create a refreshing atmosphere in the house.
  • For the bathrooms, add fresh napkins, bottles and lotions in rattan trays and room fresheners.
  • Do not clutter the home with too many accessories and instead, stick to a theme.
  • If you have children around, ensure that candles are kept in safe places.
  • Keep a large and attractive trash can, so that guests can dispose of the waste at a proper place.


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