Tyrese Haliburton, Pacers ‘shocking the world’ after ousting Bucks in NBA In-Season Tournament semifinal

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LAS VEGAS — Pacers coach Rick Carlisle remembers his team’s first In-Season Tournament game, a location day against nan Cleveland Cavaliers successful precocious October.

“No 1 was really judge wherever precisely nan full point was going,” Carlisle said. “The tribunal looked for illustration a skating rink.”

Six of these games later, nan Indiana Pacers still haven’t lost.

From nan bold colors of nan courts, done nan mysterious haze of excavation play, to nan urgency of nan knockout rounds, nan NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament has looked bully connected them. By Saturday night, it mightiness beryllium looking gold.

Tyrese Haliburton had different monster crippled connected nan league’s new, biggish stage, and nan Pacers outlasted nan Milwaukee Bucks 128-119 successful nan first In-Season Tournament semifinal Thursday successful Las Vegas.

Indiana, which has missed nan playoffs 3 years successful a row, will play nan Lakers, who routed nan Pelicans successful nan different semifinal, connected Saturday astatine 8:30 p.m. ET for nan first title of NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s creation, intended to drum up much liking successful his athletics earlier successful nan convention calendar.

“We’re shocking nan world correct now — nobody expected america to beryllium here,” Haliburton said.

Haliburton, coming disconnected his first triple-double successful nan IST quarterfinals, vanished pinch a team-high 27 points to spell pinch 15 assists. The Pacers’ lone All-Star from past play who is surely making a lawsuit for himself for nan February classical to beryllium held successful Indianapolis, Haliburton is averaging 31.5 points and 11.4 assists successful his past 5 games. This was his 3rd crippled this play pinch astatine slightest 25 points, 15 assists and zero turnovers.

Myles Turner added 26 points and 10 boards, Obi Toppin contributed 14 points and Isaiah Jackson contributed 11 points disconnected of Carlisle’s bench.

“Tyrese is conscionable 1 of those transcendent players that pinch him connected nan court, thing is possible,” Carlisle said. “Tyrese is simply a awesome young subordinate that has each nan tools, has nan characteristic and has nan desire. The month, 7 weeks that he’s put together truthful acold successful this season, group are talking astir him for MVP, and rightly so. All-Star is successful Indy this year, truthful we’re ace excited astir that, and we consciousness evidently that he’ll correspond america there. We conscionable want to support winning, and he wants to support winning.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo, who turned 29 connected Wednesday, led each scorers pinch 37 points. Damian Lillard added 24 points — making each 4 of his 3s successful nan Bucks’ third-quarter comeback — and Khris Middleton contributed 20 points. Brook Lopez gave nan Bucks 18 points and 4 blocks.

The Pacers led 63-51 astatine halftime and were trailing by 3 headed to nan fourth. Milwaukee’s comeback was spearheaded by a area defense that disappointment Indiana for a while, until Haliburton and nan chair figured it out.

The Bucks person highly precocious hopes pinch nan caller pairing of Antetokounmpo and Lillard. Making an IST semifinal qualifies arsenic a bully start.

“I deliberation it was beautiful cool to beryllium a portion of just, you know, it’s an all-or-nothing business but it’s not nan extremity of nan season, truthful it’s not rather for illustration nan playoffs but it’s thing to get up for,” Lillard said. “It’s immoderate caller excitement, and you cognize it’s a astonishment successful nan extremity that everybody is benignant of hunting for, and past you look astatine nan travel to Vegas and they rotation retired nan reddish carpet. Just each of nan different things that they person made of it, and you get to beryllium a portion of it and you’re like, man, this is beautiful special.”

The Bucks’ reserves were outscored 43-13 by their Indiana counterparts. One of those Pacer reserves, Aaron Nesmith, knocked down a 3 conscionable earlier nan buzzer astatine nan extremity of nan third. Another of those backups, Andrew Nembhard, whitethorn person suffered a hyperextension connected 1 of his little legs successful nan 4th quarter, Carlisle said.

In a crippled that featured 16 lead changes and was adjacent throughout, Haliburton hit staunch defender Lopez successful isolation pinch a layup astatine 1:34 successful nan last period.

On nan adjacent possession, he buried a 3-pointer that fundamentally put nan crippled to bed. Haliburton stared down astatine his wrist, for illustration Bucks counterpart Lillard does erstwhile he makes a large changeable astatine nan extremity of games.

“I deliberation it was conscionable successful nan power of nan moment, having fun,” Haliburton said. “I cognize I benignant of pounded my thorax and said it was my time, whatever, but I deliberation really looking astatine it, it’s our time. It’s our clip arsenic a group. We’re playing nan correct way, and for illustration I said, we’re shocking nan world correct now. We’re going to proceed to do that.”

Said Lillard: “I learned arsenic a kid, erstwhile you crockery it out, you’ve sewage to beryllium consenting to return it. For arsenic galore times arsenic I’ve done it to people, I can’t beryllium upset erstwhile personification other does it, you cognize what I mean. I deliberation that’s besides a motion of respect and acknowledgment for knowing my history and knowing what I do.”



Lillard ‘can't beryllium upset’ complete Haliburton’s Dame Time celebration

The crippled started astatine astir 2 p.m. section time, successful a T-Mobile Arena that was half afloat — and half quiet — successful nan early Las Vegas afternoon. Pacers fans wouldn’t person known their squad was headed for nan godforsaken until Monday night, and nan Bucks punched their tickets Tuesday, so, not a batch of clip to make nan IST a destination vacation.

The NBA implemented shape lighting for this weekend, wherever lights complete nan tribunal are amplified, while astir of nan crowd sat successful a hazy, neon-infused darkness, which whitethorn person made it harder to spot nan quiet seats connected TV.

Fans recovered their measurement to their seats passim nan first half, and erstwhile Lillard drained a 3-pointer pinch 6:17 near successful nan period, thunderous applause poured from each arena corner. The IST, successful each nan glory Silver could person hoped for, had afloat arrived.

With nan win, nan Pacers’ players person earned $350,000 successful prize money, including $200,000 for reaching nan finals. A triumph Saturday complete nan Lakers, and it’s different $300,000 per player.

“Five 100 1000 is simply a batch of money, I don’t attraction really overmuch you make,” Toppin said.

“Look, we’re a disruptor,” Carlisle added. “A batch of group didn’t want america here. We don’t attraction astir that. We earned our measurement here. We earned our measurement to 3 further nationalist TV games, truthful group are going to find retired astir nan Pacers and who we are and really we play.”

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