Virgil van Dijk lauds Liverpool youngster Jarell Quansah and defends Joel Matip comment

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 Jarell Quansah of Liverpool looks connected during nan Carabao Cup Quarter Final lucifer betwixt Liverpool and West Ham United astatine Anfield connected December 20, 2023 successful Liverpool, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Virgil van Dijk has singled retired Jarell Quansah for praise, insisting that nan young centre-half is already acold much precocious than he was astatine his tender age.

The Liverpool skipper believes nan 20-year-old centre-back who has made 14 appearances successful each competitions this play is processing quicker than expected – and has what it takes to footwear on.

Quansah is nan feel-good communicative of nan season: a subordinate who sneaked into nan first squad without immoderate erstwhile hype and has since highlighted his qualities pinch calm and composed displays erstwhile called upon.

“Jarell has dealt outstandingly good pinch each situation that’s travel his measurement truthful far,” Van Dijk said. “He’s only 20 years old, he’s still growing. As a centre-half, you get amended pinch experience.

“I was ne'er this far, doing it consistently — for illustration Ibou (Konate) and Jarell — erstwhile I was that young. He conscionable has to support going. There will beryllium times erstwhile it’s tough, that’s perfectly normal, but it’s astir really you woody pinch that. He’s a bully boy. Mentally, he’s successful nan correct framework of mind and that’s a bully start. I’ll beryllium location for him, whenever he needs. He’ll beryllium conscionable fine.”

Such praise from a subordinate who has been recognised arsenic nan champion defender successful nan world astatine various stages of his profession is conscionable different motion of really accelerated Quansah’s emergence has been.

Only past play he was playing connected indebtedness astatine Bristol Rovers successful League One, yet now present he is arsenic a “fixed part” of nan team, who has started successful Liverpool’s past 2 Premier League distant games.

Manager Jurgen Klopp continues to operation up his centre-back pairing, believing that rotation is cardinal to preventing burn-out but besides maintaining rhythm.

Klopp wants to beryllium capable to telephone connected each subordinate successful his squad and cognize they are not rusty, hence why some Quansah and Konate person been utilized successful Joel Matip’s absence.

As good arsenic his on-field performances, Quansah besides stood retired for his comments connected nan backmost of Matip’s season-ending injury, erstwhile he said: “Obviously it’s a shame what happened to Joel and my condolences spell to him, but my thought was to effort and get complete him anyhow and effort and beryllium a starting centre-back successful nan Premier League.”

As blunt arsenic that whitethorn sound, it was not meant successful a disrespectful manner, successful Van Dijk’s book.

“I deliberation it came crossed a small spot not successful nan correct way,” nan Dutchman said. “It’s bully that he thinks for illustration this successful my opinion. But it was possibly excessively soon (after Matip’s injury) for him to opportunity it successful nan measurement it came across. I don’t deliberation he meant it successful that way.

“When I was 20 I’d besides possibly opportunity definite things that travel crossed differently. I wholly understand wherever he’s coming from. But we shouldn’t hide what Joel has done for this nine and nan publication to nan occurrence we’ve had.

“Jarell is doing awesome and making large steps. He has to support improving. So far, truthful good.”



Quansah is nan feel-good prodigy who could prevention Liverpool a fortune

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